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Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello to you!  Happy Monday!

...I keep thinking it's Thursday.  That's obviously not true, because I went to church yesterday.  Don't worry; once Danny goes back to school, I'll start remembering what day of the week it is.

So!  I have good news!

Are you prepared for my good news?


Thank you, kittycat.

I have been nominated to be a top stay at home mom blogger for voiceBoks.com!

WHAAAAAAAT!!  I'm so excited!

So what that means is that I'll be asking you to vote for me everyday for TWO things.  But only for a month.  Because on August 21st the voting for this will be over, and hopefully I'll be declared the BEST ONE EVER.  Or not.  Whatever.

I'll only be CRUSHED and DEVASTATED if you don't vote, that's all.

To vote for me on voiceBoks, click on the little guy below and click the heart at the top of my picture!

Isn't it great that my blog comes first alphabetically?  That makes it so easy for you!

You can vote every single day, so please try to do that!  It's only for a month, I promise!

I'll give you hugs if you vote for me.  BIG ONES.

Also, remember this guy?

He obviously wants you to vote!  How can you say no to that faaaaace??

Okay, I'm done bothering you for the day.  Now you should go bother your friends and tell them to vote, okay?

Tomorrow I'll only say the word "vote" once in my blog post.  I promise.

Okay, love you bye!
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