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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm baaaa-aaaack!


...if you didn't miss me, please don't tell me.  That would hurt my feelings.

In any case, I missed you!  We were out of town for a wedding and then I was exhausted from all the traveling and things and then I can't blog because Danny is home.  But he has insisted that I blog tonight.  So I'm going to.

I'm pretty sure he wants me to blog because he doesn't want his friends to find out that I've fallen to number 10 in the Top Mommy Blog rankings.  He's a gold digger, obviously.

Since I'm out of practice with this whole writing thing, we'll start with a random assortment of facts about our life!  Let's go!

Gibson successfully slept in a room that wasn't his this past weekend!  Hooray!  Now if he would learn not to wake up before 7:00, life would be beautiful.

Ellie ate some pasta from the trashcan earlier and proceeded to vomit seven or eight times.  I don't do vomit...especially dog vomit.  Nasty.

...and Danny just came to tell me that he found Ellie poop in Gibson's room.

Does anyone want a dog?  Because I have a SUPER GREAT one for free!

Don't worry.  She's being sweet and lovely now.  Because she knows that I hate her.

Gibson ran over to me and yelled "GOUDA!" earlier tonight.  The boy loves his cheese!

...except what he wanted was a drink from my water bottle.  So.  I don't know what he was saying.

Speaking of my water bottle, Gibson is obsessed with it.  He wants to drink* from it all the time.  Like a little hamster.

*By "drink from it," I mean that he likes to put his cracker-covered tongue in it (nasty) and then touch his snotty nose to the opening.  It's awesome.

Danny's sunburn is much better, thanks for asking.  Even though he has been peeling like a nasty reptile for the past week.

The high today was in the 60s!  What the heck!  And the high for Friday is only 80 degrees, which is literally the best...because I didn't want to do Fourth of July festivities in 100 degree weather.  I'm not a lizard, people!!  I wasn't made for such extreme heat!

It's been so humid and hot here that my glasses have been fogging up every time I leave a store or the car.  It's absolutely infuriating.  Also, only my left lens fogs up, so then I have really weird depth perception and I run into things.  It's great.

Today Gibson and I played with a tub full of dry pasta.  And by that, I mean that I played with it while Gibson tossed handfuls of it into the air and screamed when I tried to put it back in the tub.

Danny built Gibson a cardboard house, complete with windows and laminate flooring.  It is currently taking up half of the living room, but we don't have the heart to take it down...the child loves his house!

And look!  There's our humongous tub of animal crackers!  It turns out that I love them the most out of everyone in our house.  They're SO GOOD.

Yesterday I was getting into the shower, and I slipped.  And the inside of my left knee slammed into the side of the tub.  Needless to say, I'm bruised and it hurts SUPER BAD.

...and I still haven't showered.  I'm kind of terrified of going in there again.

Okay, that's enough for tonight!  I promise that I'll start blogging more regularly...if only to make sure Danny doesn't stop loving me.

And in that vein, please consider clicking the banner below to vote for my blog!  It will help Danny the Gold Digger be happier.

...that's a joke, by the way.  He just wanted me to blog again.  He doesn't care about my status in the blog world.  I didn't want you all to think my husband is a tool or anything.
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  1. I MISSED YOU! Thank you for an awesome long post!!

    1. Well aren't you just the sweetest! I missed you, TOO!

  2. Your blog is so pretty, did you design it yourself, if not who designed it?

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I had a graphic designer friend design it, actually! She did a great job. :)


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