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Monday, July 28, 2014

My little sponge

One of my favorite things about Gibson's age is that he's a SPONGE.  He's learning so many things!  And I love it!

Usually we just teach him cute things, or how to make animal sounds.

My favorite things that we have taught Gibson recently are how to say "Woah!" and how to make muscley arms and say "I'm big!"

...except he just says "BIIIIH!"  But it's still so cute!



And he can make a great sheep noise!  I didn't even mean to teach him that one!  He's just a genius, that's all.

Those are all cute, harmless things.  But sometimes the things we teach him end up backfiring.

For instance, we have started telling Gibson about the potty a lot.  So he goes with us when we go to the bathroom and we make a big deal out of it.  And I let him help me flush one time.

OOPS.  That was a huge mistake!  Because now he sneaks into the bathroom and flushes the toilet over and over every chance he gets.  We aren't made of water, buddy!  Stop wasting it!

We also taught Gibson how to use a spoon.  He doesn't quite have a handle on it, but he loves taking my spoon when I'm done eating things.  And then he shoves it into my mouth repeatedly.  Because he's feeding me.

...I don't love this game, as it turns out.  I should have let him eat with his hands forever, obviously!

But the worst thing Gibson has learned recently is entirely my fault.  He has been putting his hands on either side of his face like a super cutie.  So I thought it would be ADORABLE to teach him to do the "Home Alone" yell!

WRONG.  NOT CUTE.  Because instead of just yelling adorably and getting on with his life, Gibson felt the need to shriek happily all night.  I mean, it was absolutely hilarious.  But we don't especially want him to shriek all the time!

Thank goodness he has mostly forgotten about that!  I just have to watch the video of him screaming when he's not around...because otherwise he screams at the video.  Which is, of course, hilarious.  But also loud.

What have you taught your kids lately?  Gibson needs a few more tricks skills!
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  1. HI neighbor at top mommy blogs - your blog is so cute and I love how happy you are with every step of the way in your cute little boy's life! Fun to read!


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