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Saturday, July 19, 2014

My silly boy

I know that I have always thought Gibson is the cutest, funniest kid in the whole world.  But he's been RIDICULOUS lately.  Absolutely SO CUTE and SO FUNNY and SO SMART and I love him SO MUCH!

...now you're intrigued, right?  Lucky for you, I'm about to make a list of funny things Gibson does these days!


Gibson really loves to walk backwards.  He'll walk around backwards all over the living room, and if he runs into something he walks forward a few steps and then continues going backward.  He generally runs into the same thing three or four times before he realizes that just walking forward away from it won't make it get out of his way.

He is OBSESSED with sunglasses and hats.  He won't wear them himself (of course), but if either Danny or I are wearing a hat or sunglasses it's the funniest thing in the WHOLE WORLD.  He likes to take them off of us and then try to put them back on.  Which sometimes results in eye injuries.

Today we were watching Boy Meets World (MY FAVORITE), and the students were all laughing.  So Gibson started fake laughing along with them!  He's going to be an actor!

When I'm in the bathroom, Gibson likes to walk up to the door so I can't see him and peek around it super slowly.  I growl at him, and he runs past.  And then he repeats the process going the other way.  He loves this game.  Fortunately for him, I go to the bathroom a lot.  Heh.

...yes, I'm telling you that I poop several times a day.  Get over it.  You're just jealous that your bowels aren't super regular like mine!

Gibson has started exclaiming "words" very loudly.  He likes to yell long monologues at groups of people in public.  I'm not entirely sure what he's saying, but it seems as though he'll be a bossy kid when he can talk.  Oh good.

He has started saying goodbye to people.  Over and over and over and over and over.  He'll leave a room saying "Ba!  Ba!" and then walk back through so he can do it again.  And if you don't reciprocate the goodbyes, he'll walk up to you and yell "BAAAAA!!!" in your face until you do.

Earlier tonight I was "cooking dinner" (read: making myself ramen noodles), and Gibson ran into the kitchen yelling for me.  He put his arms up for a hug, kissed me, and went back to whatever he was doing in the living room.  Sweet boy!

Gibson has learned the sounds that sheep and puppies make.  And he says them!  But only when he feels like it.  Which isn't all the time.

He can also find daddy's tummy, which involves pulling Danny's shirt up and putting a finger in his belly button.  Danny hates it.  I think it's hilarious!

Speaking of body parts, Gibson's favorite thing is when I ask where his bottom is.  He pats his tummy/legs/arms/head and says "Baba!  Baba!" while laughing.  So smart.

I need to get a video of his dancing, because it's the cutest thing ever.  Whenever music is playing, his little arms start waving and he bounces all over the place!  At the store the other day, I was singing something and he started dancing like a fool in the cart.

My least favorite "cute" thing Gibson does is close himself in rooms.  He'll run into our bedroom and slam the door...and then scream.  And scream.  And bang on the door.  I mean, I'm glad he doesn't know how to open doors yet, because that will make going to bed harder...but it's really unfortunate that he can't let himself out!

I'm going to go let my cute/smart/funny boy out of his room now...since he has, once again, locked himself in there.  If you come to our house, you'll notice that all of the doors are shut.  This is why.
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  1. Ha! Fake laughing with Boy Meets World. Good one, Gibson.


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