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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Potty boy

So, Gibson is the poop champion of the world.

Literally.  He poops more than any other toddler in the WORLD*.  Yesterday every single diaper we changed, with the exception of ONE, was poopy.

*I have not confirmed this with any research.  Just take my word for it.

And, thanks to the mass quantities of poop leaving his body, he has a really terrible diaper rash.  Hooray!!

The best way to heal Gibson's diaper rash has been naked time.  When we let him air out for awhile every night, it all gets better faster.  Gibson used to be great at naked time!  He would run around for half an hour feeling the air on his cheeks, and then get a new diaper.  Perfect!

But now he's the WORST at it.  Because, all of the sudden, he feels the need to pee all over the carpet.

Every. Single. Night.

After a few nights of this, we decided to buy a potty.  We aren't exactly starting to potty train yet, but I figured that maybe we could save the carpet and get him used to it at the same time!

So far my plan isn't working.  Dang it.

Fortunately, Gibson really likes the potty.  He likes carrying it around the house* and putting it on the couch.  And drumming on it, and putting toys in it.

*Have I mentioned lately that my child is the Hulk?  Well, he is.

And he really likes sitting on it!  When we take his diaper off for naked time, I put him on the potty, and he'll happily sit on it for five or ten minutes.

And then he stands up, runs away, and pees on the carpet.

...and returns to sit on the potty.


At least this is a good opportunity for me to say the word "potty" over and over!  Before he started peeing all over the floor, I could never tell when he was going in his diaper.  And he's getting interested in what's happening down there when he pees...so maybe that's a good thing?

But WHY does it have to be on my CARPET???

...it could be worse, I guess.  At least he's well hydrated!
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  1. Hi!
    I'm visiting your blog since I saw you were mentioned in a tweet I was mentioned in. I thought to myself "that name looks familiar" then I realized it was from Top Mommy Blog. Way to go with your ranking (I'm working on getting in the top 100 currently). Love the blog! Good luck with the pee situation. I honestly think kids,love peeing naked.

    P.s. I cloth diaper and take lots of photos too. Love me some Grey's as well. :)

  2. Hi Erin, I just discovered your blog via Top Mommy Blogs and wow! I could have written your mini bio except the tiny clone is of ME. LOL and hilarious timing, our little girl just started with the same poop-machine tendencies and subsequent diaper rash. I have the fact that she is not yet running around on my side though.

    Thank you so much for this post, it made my day!

    ... now to go poke around some more :-)


  3. sounds very werid but the only thing that helped yes other then air dry that naked baby is to use cornstarch. yes a box of cornstarch costs like 3 bucks and i tryed every expensive cream and ointment and this is the only thing that worked for us good luck!

  4. Air dry is the best! Actually, having your child naked from the bottom down helped me potty train my son. It took a little longer, but it worked. For my daughter I found site, www.simplypottytrain.com, that I purchased a guide (that apparently two other mommies I knew used) and she was potty trained in 2.75 days (I literally counted down the hours..lol). Yes there were a couple of accidents after, but she knew how to do it and did it purposefully. Best of luck (unless you've already potty trained your son)!!


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