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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The (very stinky and crowded) zoo.

I don't know if any of you know about this whole polar vortex thing...but it's the BEST.




Did you know that the high has been in the 70s here in the Midwest lately?  And it's JULY!!!  Obviously God knew that I can't handle the heat and decided to give me a break.

So on Tuesday we decided to drive to the zoo an hour and a half away.  The last time we took Gibson to the zoo he was way too young to appreciate it, and when else will we have the opportunity to take him when it's only 73 degrees?

We also thought that it wouldn't be tooooo terribly crowded, because everyone works on Tuesdays, right??


Apparently we weren't the only people who thought it would be the perfect day for the zoo.  Because as soon as we pulled onto the street where the zoo is, we were swept up in a tidal wave of minivans.  SO.  MANY.  MINIVANS.

...not that I have anything against minivans.  We're getting one soon.  I've just never seen so many mom mobiles in one place*!

*Besides church.  Of course.

And then, when we finally found a parking spot, we were swept up in a tidal wave of incredibly slow walkers, rude children, and five thousand strollers.

I don't know if you know this, but I don't do crowds.  I get anxious and sweaty and twitchy and irritable.  So the zoo obviously isn't my favorite place in the world.

I especially hate it when five million teenagers are crowding around the exhibits so no one else can see.  We ended up skipping half of the animals because there was no way I was going to squeeze my way through hordes of teenagers to catch a glimpse of an ape's butt as it walked away.

Luckily, Danny and I have a really good track record with the elephants.  Every time we have seen something cool at the zoo, it was the elephants.  So this time, there was a herd of elephants hanging out with a BABY ELEPHANT (OH MY GOSH), and we watched them with five thousand of our closest zoo friends for awhile.  The baby elephant's older brother got in trouble for something (trying to nurse while the baby was, I think), and his mom knocked him over and yelled at him.  It was INTENSE.

Then we moved on and found that we could still see the elephants from the next fence area, but no one else was there!  And then the elephants came over to that side, so we got to be in the front while the elephants walked around right in front of us!


It was the best.  And let me tell you...baby elephants are the cutest.  I think I need one as a pet.  And Gibson liked them, kind of.  He mostly pointed at them and then tried to grab the wire fence.

What Gibson REALLY liked was the giraffe.  When we left he yelled "BAAAAA!!" at it.  And he doesn't say goodbye to just anyone!

He also thought every animal was a dog.  So he would yell "DA!  DA!" at all of them.  I'm sure they loved it.

"I'm an antelope, kid!  Stop calling me a dog!"

...that's what I imagine the antelope were thinking.  Probably they were thinking about what to eat to make their poop as stinky as possible.  Because FOR REAL.  The poop smells were intense.

Other highlights of the zoo included:
-Danny cutting himself on the map dispenser and bleeding all over the place.
-Frozen lemonade.  And the faces Gibson made when I gave him bites of it.
-Waiting ten minutes to dry my hands in the bathroom because a gaggle of little girls were playing with the dryer.
-Gibson walking around holding his daddy's hand like a cutie!

He was trying to get away the entire time.
As much as I don't always love the zoo, and I REALLY don't love the crowds, it was fun to hang out and let Gibson run around like a little wilderness explorer!  It was also super nice because he slept like a ROCK that night.  And didn't wake up until 8:00 in the morning.

...that's enough to make me want to go to the zoo everyday!  Almost.
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