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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yankee Doodle Gibson

Were you curious as to what Gibson's favorite holiday so far is?

You probably think it's Christmas.  BUT YOU'RE WRONG.  Opening presents is the worst!  And Thanksgiving has way too much terrible food (give him peanut butter or give him death!).  Birthdays are mediocre.


It's the greatest.  The GREATEST.

We had friends in town for the holiday, and they have two kiddos.  Which automatically made it Gibson's favorite weekend EVER.  Because CHILDREN!

And then we went to the parade on Friday morning.  I was worried that Gibson wouldn't like it, but I shouldn't have worried!  Trucks, music, and DOGS...what could be better?

Gibson stood up every time a dog walked by.  Out of reverence, of course.

Then we went out to eat, where Gibson played with his future wife and laughed a lot.  And ATE FOOD THAT WASN'T PEANUT BUTTER.

Be still, my heart.

After a painfully short nap, he played with his friends.  And started waving and saying goodbye to us over and over and over.  "Bah!  Bah!  Bah!  Bah!"  It was cute the first twenty times.

...who am I kidding?  It's still cute two days later!

Friday night we decided to throw caution to the wind and keep Gibson up to see the fireworks.  Which was both a good and bad idea.

It was good because Gibson loved the fireworks!  He made this face for most of the show:

And since you can't see that very well, here's one with flash where he looks absolutely insane.

The bad part about fireworks was that we got there at 7:45 and couldn't find a spot to sit.  And then we had to wait SO LONG for the fireworks to start.  Keeping Gibson from falling into the river/rolling down the hill/eating grass and cigarette butts is seriously not the funnest thing in the world.  And he was a grump because it was, of course, past his bedtime.

But I'm still glad we went!  Because it reinforced the fact that Gibson is, in fact, the most patriotic little dude in the world!

He's a Yankee Doodle Gibson.  Obviously.

As much as I loved taking him to see the fireworks, though, I would prefer not to do it again until next year.  Did you hear me, neighbors?  NEXT YEAR.  Now stop it with the fireworks at all hours of the night!
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  1. Hi Erin,
    Great post and good to know that Gibson had a good time. My 1.5 year old enjoyed the day too.


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