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Friday, August 29, 2014

All the things that make me cry

In case you forgot, I'm pregnant.

Let's all please stop forgetting about the contents of my uterus, okay?  My uterus is the MOST IMPORTANT THING.

Anyway.  This pregnancy has been pretty different from Gibson's.  I've felt sicker, had more aches and pains, and I'm WAY more emotional.

But you don't even understand.  I'm SO EMOTIONAL.  Like, probably the most emotional person in the world.

When I was pregnant with Gibson I cried sometimes.  One time I cried because I got all comfortable in bed, and then I had to pee.  And I'm pretty sure I cried because I was tired of eating all the time once.  But for the most part, I wasn't too emotional.

So, for your reading pleasure, here's a list of things that have made me cry lately:

...I really like lists lately.  Sorry about that.

1.  Boy Meets World
Danny and I decided to watch the whole series this summer, and it was a TERRIBLE IDEA for pregnant Erin.  I cried so much.  Especially once we got to the end...did you ever notice that Cory DOESN'T EVEN HUG HIS MOMMY when he leaves for New York????  WHAT THE HECK?  I cried for thirty minutes because Gibson is going to leave me to live in New York and he isn't even going to give me a hug before he leaves.

2.  Parenthood
I'm pretty sure when they wrote this show, they intended for people to cry in at least every other episode.  Gah.  Even not pregnant I cry at it...so it's just magnified when my hormones are crazy.

3.  Harry Potter
Over the last week or two, Danny and I watched all of the Harry Potter movies after Gibson went to sleep.  We watched the last one last night and OF COURSE I was a wreck.  So many tears.  My glasses got all foggy because of the moisture and I had to take them off, and then everything was fuzzy.

4.  Facebook
It seems like Facebook is full of sad things these days.  Robin Williams, Ferguson, ISIS, ALS videos...it all makes me cry.  For a week and a half, I cried every single day while scrolling through my newsfeed.  Someone really should have changed my password without telling me to keep me away.

5.  Dropping my lunch
On Wednesday of this week, I got some leftover ravioli to eat for lunch.  And promptly dropped it all over my pants and the carpet.  And then I sobbed uncontrollably for half an hour.  Like, I was wailing.  Once I calmed down, I scooped the ravioli off the floor and ate it.  Because I was hungry, darn it!  And dog hair has fiber, right?  So it's okay that I ate so much of it!

6.  The Fourth of July parade
This is probably the silliest thing I have cried about.  I had just found out I was pregnant a few days before the parade, and we went with our friends.  I was standing there watching all the firetrucks go by, and I kept thinking about how firefighters save people.  And they were playing patriotic music.  And Gibson was having SO much fun, and I was just so happy that we were there as a family.  Aaaaaand I cried.  It was embarrassing.

So.  If you want to make me cry, now you know how!  But please don't try to make me cry.  It makes my nose look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which isn't the most flattering look for me.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

10 reasons why minivans are the BEST.

If you're my friend on Facebook, you already know this.  But I'm going to tell the rest of you now!

We have welcomed a new member of our family.

Her name is Ursula.

And she's a minivan.


Do you guys have minivans?  If you don't, you should.  Because they're the best.

I know that some people are SUPER against minivans.  I'm pretty sure that, at some point in my life (when I was young and silly), I said that I never wanted a minivan.  But I have seen the light!  Vans are awesome.  And here's why.

1.  SLIDING DOORS.  Which means Gibson can't whack other cars with his door when he opens it.

2.  And, even better than sliding doors...POWER SLIDING DOORS.  I can push a button and the doors open ALL BY THEMSELVES.  Oh my gosh.  I love it so much.

3.  POWER LIFTGATE.  I can open the back of the van with a button!  When I have an almost thirty pound child in one arm and a diaper bag/shopping bags/huge vat of coffee in the other, opening things is hard.  Buttons are easy peasy.

4.  LEG ROOM.  In our Mazda3, I sit with my knees up against the dash (super safe!) because with Gibson rear facing behind me, my seat has to be all the way up.  But in the van I can full extend my legs and do the can-can!  Just what I've always wanted!

5.  CUP HOLDERS.  Holy COW there are a lot of cup holders!  Like, approximately one million.  We could go to McDonald's to get drinks seven times and never have to throw a cup away!

...not that we would do that, of course.

6.  STORAGE.  If you thought there were a lot of cup holders in our van, you should see the storage!  There are hidden drawers, purse cubbies, and toy boxes galore!

Toy boxes are what Danny and his brother called the storage things in the back of their van growing up.  Because apparently theirs were full of toys!

7.  REAR CLIMATE CONTROL.  There's a vent directly above Gibson's car seat...which means that when it's really freaking hot here (like now, ugh) he doesn't have to be a sweaty mess!  Because pregnant Erin needs ALL of the front air.  Every single bit of it.

8.  STOW N GO.  In our van, all of the seats fold flat INTO THE FLOOR.  And when the seats are up, we can keep things UNDER THE FLOOR.  If Indiana Jones had a van, I'm pretty sure it would have Stow N Go*.

*I have never seen an Indiana Jones movie.  He might hate Stow N Go for all I know.

9.  CAPTAIN'S CHAIRS.  I love that the middle isn't a bench seat.  I can walk to the back of the van if I need to without putting a seat down!  Also, when my kids are older, they each have their own seat, which will hopefully cut down on the "MOM!  He's touching my side of the car!"  I mean, I know it won't eliminate the whining.  Because children are whiny.  But hopefully it helps!

10.  GIBSON LOVES IT.  This is the most important part!  From the moment Gibson saw the van, he has loved it.  He says "Caw!  Caw!" (which means car, of course), and gets super excited when we ask if he wants to go in the car.  "CAW CAW CAW CAW!"

...he's like a crow.  Except he doesn't eat worms.  I hope.

For those of you who have minivans, tell me why you love them!  Those of you who don't should go out and get one NOW.  There's so much room!  And you'll feel super cool driving it, if you're anything like me.
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...or a picture of one, at least.  What, do you think I'm made of minivans?
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Gibson and I have been listening to the Frozen soundtrack a lot.  Because it's FANTASTIC.

So last night I was singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" in his room, and he was acting really somber.  And then he started crying.

I figured it was because he wanted me to be quiet, so I stopped singing.

...except that I can't really ever stop singing, so I sang "Let it Go" instead.  Which he loved!

A few minutes later, I switched back into "Do You Want to Build a Snowman."  And when I got to the last verse (the sad one!), Gibson's eyes welled up and tears started falling.

So, as an experiment, I sang "Let it Go" again.  Gibson was happy and started dancing.  When I switched back to the snowman song again (the title is far too long to type this many times), he cried.


I'm so excited about this.  And also about the fact that he can differentiate between sad music and happy music.  He's a genius!

Let's not even talk about the fact that he learned FOUR new words on Saturday.  And a few new ones since then.  This kid is growing up so fast, and becoming such a smart little guy!  I'm going to need him to stop pretty soon.
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Why I won't drive a go-cart with you

I'm not a fun person to go to an amusement park with.

I get sick on roller coasters, which is sad, because I love them.  And I get cranky when I'm hot and sweaty.  And my hips hurt when I walk for a long time.  And the water from the water rides gives me a rash.

And I will absolutely refuse to go on any ride that requires me to drive my own vehicle.  Bumper cars, bumper boats, and go-carts are absolutely NOT AN OPTION for me.

If I could pass legislation to ban rides like that from every amusement park in the world, I would.  They're a TERRIBLE IDEA.  And if I don't like them, NOBODY SHOULD LIKE THEM!!

You may or may not be wondering why I feel the way I do about go-carts and bumper cars.  And whether you care or not, I'm going to tell you.

When I was younger, my family went on a trip to visit my grandparents.  My terrible parents decided to take us to a place that had putt-putt golf and go-carts.


**...obviously I'm kidding, guys!  My parents are wonderful people!  LOVE YOU MOMMY!**

So we played putt-putt, which I assume was fun.  I honestly don't remember.  Because what happened after putt-putt scarred me for LIFE.

Someone suggested that we ride go-carts.  Even though neither my sister nor I were old enough to drive!  WHO LETS CHILDREN DRIVE FAST CARS WITHOUT A LICENSE????

I got into my go-cart of death, and the surly teenager working the go-carts told us to start driving.  I tried, but my car wouldn't go.  He told me (very loudly) to go NOW.  My car randomly decided to leap forward, and suddenly I was driving WAY TOO QUICKLY around a track with a million other children driving cars WAY TOO QUICKLY.

Maybe I had fun while I was driving.  I don't really remember.

What I do remember is the end of the go-cart ride.  The surly teenager gave us the signal that the go-carting experience was over (thank goodness), and we were supposed to park our go-carts in a line.

My car came sputtering to a stop around 50 feet from where I was supposed to park, despite slamming on the gas pedal over and over.  The surly teenager yelled at me for stopping, and indignant tears filled my eyes.

I couldn't help that my car stopped!  It was obviously possessed!  I'M A GREAT DRIVER!!

And that's when the demon go-cart decided to leap forward uncontrollably, and I slammed into the back of the line of parked go-carts, causing everyone to stare at me with hatred in their eyes.

At which point the surly teenager yelled at me AGAIN.  For the THIRD TIME.

And THAT'S why I will never, ever drive a go-cart again.  EVER.  NEVER EVER AGAIN.

...the surly teenager probably didn't actually yell at me.  He was just irritated, which made me feel bad because my car wasn't working.  I just couldn't live with the fact that he thought I was the problem when it was really my car!

Of course I didn't tell him that.  I was too scared.

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...and if you love go-carts, you should be ASHAMED of yourself.  And you should still click the pink banner, because I said so.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm bursting with pride!

So, you know how people tell you that your toddler will go through an explosion of learning at some point in their lives?  And you don't believe them, because your toddler seems content to sit in the corner and eat carpet fuzz?


I was pretty sure that Gibson would never start saying more words, and all of the sudden he started saying FIVE MILLION NEW WORDS.

He went from having 10ish words to having five million and ten words.  Or maybe 25ish.  One of the two.

It all started the day Danny started going to school for teacher meetings last week.  Gibson said "water" and "more" that day.  Over and over.

So obviously having Daddy gone is good for Gibson's verbal skills!  Ha!

And then he added eye, ear, and nose.  And he points at them when he says them.

Then, randomly, he decided to know what a key is.  WHY?  He takes his key to the door to try and unlock it and says "KEY! KEY!".  We almost never use keys to come in the house!  When did he learn that??

And then he said so many new words it was very hard to keep track.  They include: buddy, block, red, wash, hi, and teeth.

He also learned how to make a snake noise (adorable), do all the motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider," sing along with "Old MacDonald" (he says "woah woah woah" instead of EIEIO), and make cat noises.  When he wants to.

THIS ALL HAPPENED IN THE PAST WEEK.  I'm overwhelmed with pride.

For real, though.  If Gibson continues this trend, he'll be saying "Good morning, mother dearest!  Would you mind fetching me a small snack?  Please and thank you, my dear woman!" by next week.

...which would be completely fine with me.  I would prefer that over having things thrown at me while he yells "MOH!"  Because RUDE.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yoga Pants Zombies

One of my favorite/least favorite things about pregnancy is the dreams.  They're great because I like having fun, detailed dreams to tell my friends at parties (because I go to SO many parties).  But they're awful because they keep me awake at night, and sometimes they're TERRIFYING.

...except they're not actually terrifying.  But when I'm asleep they really seem to be.

So now, for your reading pleasure, here are some of the dreams I have had in the past 8 weeks!

1.  I was in a store.  One of my friends works in the store, and she was busy behind the cash register.  All of the sudden, some zombies came in the store looking for yoga pants.  Because they were yoga pants zombies, of course.  They ate the only customer in the store who was wearing yoga pants and left.

I was very interested in the yoga pants, because if zombies want them, they're obviously great!  My friend showed them to me, and they were only $7 for two pairs!  Nice!  But then the zombies came back, so I threw the yoga pants away and hid in the display of jeans.

Because everyone knows that the one thing yoga pants zombies hate is jeans.

2.  I was at my parents' house.  And, of course, I was flying.  There was a battle going on between some Harry Potter characters and Dr. Seuss characters.  I'm not sure which team I was on...I was just trying to fly away.  Except the ceiling fan got in my way and I fell down.

So I went downstairs, where there were Sneeches flying around with the Weasley family.  But the ceiling is much lower in the basement, so they were kind of just hovering over the ground.

3.  The new baby was here, and I was pumping massive amounts of breastmilk into a glass.  As I filled glasses, Danny helped the baby drink from them like an adult.  The baby drank A LOT.

**I had a very similar dream when I was pregnant with Gibson, except that the baby in my dream (a girl) was drinking from a straw.**

4.  My family found a house that we were interested in buying.  It is VERY cheap, has a lot of land, and is huge.  We walked in to look at the house, and find out that it is currently a fraternity house for a college.  There are college kids everywhere!  We are also told that the ghost of an old woman resides in the house with the college kids.

Despite the ghostly rumors, we love the house.  The kitchen is huge, and there's a room with a stage built in--perfect for Gibson's performances!  There is a balcony overlooking the living room, complete with a harp to play while you sit there.  It was perfect!

We decided to leave and come back the next day.  We took photos of the house while we were there, and in every photo there is a small dot of light.  The current owners of the house were convinced that it meant there are several ghosts in the house, but I knew that someone just had a laser and was messing with us.

I woke up from this dream VERY SCARED.  And then I peed and wasn't scared any more.

5.  In my dream, I was a music appreciation teacher (just like Danny!).  My lesson plan for that day involved adjectives, for some reason.  So I asked the students (most of whom were VERY ROWDY) to tell me what an adjective is.

One girl raised her hand and said, "Adjectives are nouns!"  I told her that nooooo, they aren't nouns.  They're adjectives.  I asked for an example of an adjective.  She said, "Dog is an adjective!"

The know-it-all girl and I argued about whether "dog" is an adjective.  I said, "An adjective describes something.  Try to use 'dog' to describe something, please."  She said, "That dog is so dog!"

When I woke up I decided to never ever be a teacher.  I don't have the patience for it, I'm pretty sure.

6.  I was at the hospital in labor.  Except I wasn't really in labor, so I was given pitocin (now THAT'S a nightmare).  My contractions weren't really very strong, so I decided to go on a walk to Illinois and get them going.

I ended up in Aldi for some reason, and talked to some friends from college.  And then Aldi turned into Lowe's.  I walked all around Lowe's to try and help my labor pick up.

I went back to the hospital, and the nurse/doctor guy who was assigned to me said that he was going to get me some KFC.  I asked for a big bucket of fried pickles and a tub of spicy ranch dressing to dip them in.  Danny had suddenly appeared (why wasn't he with me from the beginning???), and he also wanted fried pickles.

So I got fried pickles, and my contractions still weren't picking up.  It was frustrating.  So we decided to go to a festival of funerals, where I was allowed to sit in a recliner because I was kind of in labor.  At the festival there were many dancers, and a young man playing the bass.


I woke up this morning feeling pretty certain that I was supposed to be in labor.  And then I was kind of sad when I remembered that I have 6.5 months to go until that happens.  Darn it.

Also, what in the world is a festival of funerals?  I don't even know.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My big secret

I feel like I've been keeping a secret from my best friend!

...but before I tell you about it, watch this video.  If you like my blog Facebook page, you've probably already seen it.  If you don't follow that page, WHY NOT?  For real.  What kind of best friend are you, anyway?

Okay!  Did you watch it?  Isn't Gibson the cutest?

So, if you watched the video like I told you to, you have probably guessed by now that DANNY IS PREGNANT!  HOORAY!

Just kidding.  I'm the one who's pregnant.  I only wish I could pawn that burden joy off on him!

Again, I'm kidding.  Being pregnant isn't a burden.  Except when my hips decide to lock up and never walk again.  I have a feeling the chiropractor and I will be very close friends for the next seven months!

I feel like there are so many things I haven't said on here because I wanted to see the baby first!  I've been keeping a list of all the things I wanted to write about once I actually announced the pregnancy...so I hope you're prepared for lots of baby talk for awhile!  But for now, here's a list of facts:

-The baby is due on March 11.  If he/she is a good boy/girl and comes on his/her due date, our family birthdays will be March 9, 10, 11, and 12.  BUT IT BETTER NOT COME ON THE 12TH, BECAUSE THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY.

-We will not be finding out the sex of the baby.  Because I love driving you crazy.

-I spent two weeks feeling like complete poop on the couch, and then randomly started feeling better.  I still have my moments, but for the most part I feel pretty good!

-I'm so freaking tired.  I wish I could sleep ALL THE TIME.  Except my body has decided to cease sleeping, so I tend to get between 5-6 hours a night.  Which isn't enough.  I'm grumpy.

-My hips are killing me.  I had this problem last time, but it started much earlier this time around.  Thank goodness.

-Gibson is very excited.  According to me.  He has no idea what's going on.

-Ellie is excited about the prospect of another spit up machine to provide her with delicious vomit.  I, on the other hand, am praying very fervently that this baby doesn't spit up like Gibson did.

-Danny is excited that I'm not super nauseated any more.  Because when I was, all I wanted to eat was KFC.  So that's what he had to eat for every meal.

-Gibson is excited about Elmo.

-I'm excited about peeing all the time.  NOT.

-I cry literally all the time.  About literally everything.  I'm probably crying right now.  You'll literally never know.

OKAY!  That's enough facts for now.  I'm so glad to get this secret off my chest...I hate keeping secrets, but I also wanted to make sure everything was perfect with our gummy bear before I said anything!

Have fun reading all about pregnant Erin for the next little while!  It'll be thrilling, I'm sure!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Gymboree Summer Collection Review!

You've probably noticed that I'm a fashionista.

...except not really.  I just wish I was.  But most of the time I wear sweatpants, so I obviously don't try very hard.

But I really love dressing Gibson!  Little boy clothes are ridiculously adorable, and when you put my adorable kid in them they're even cuter!

So when Gymboree contacted me about doing a review of their summer collections, I was so excited!  They sent me a gift card, and I got to do some online shopping!  MY FAVORITE!

Gymboree has been one of my favorite places to buy Gibson's clothes since he was born.  Unlike a lot of other stores, they have a great selection of boys' clothes, and they're super cute!  I love that they have outfits with lots of accessories...although Gibson won't keep a hat on, so I usually have to skip the adorable fedoras.  Sad face.

Since I usually buy Gibson casual t-shirts when I get him clothes, I decided to use my Gymboree gift card to get some adorable button down shirts...and I love them!  He's the handsomest boy in the whole world!  What could be cuter than a chunky little toddler in a button down and shark shorts?

NOTHING.  Absolutely nothing.

Ever since I can remember I've been popping my collar.

Gymboree's clothes are definitely made well, and wash really nicely.  They tend to run a little bit big for Gibson, but I would prefer clothes that run too big than too small!  That way he can wear them longer!

This is my favorite outfit!

Thanks to Gymboree for asking me to review your clothing!  Although Gibson didn't love these photo shoots (he HATES having his clothes changed!), I think he feels very handsome in his new clothes!  And I know that I love them!

Yelling "BALL!" at me.

Being a model is awfully hard.

He loves the grass!

Handsome baby selfie!
Go check out Gymboree's adorable clothes!  Their new Flight School collection is ridiculously adorable...I'll be needing to do some shopping soon, for sure!  I love fall clothes!  I'm wondering whether Gibson would keep the Flight Goggles Cap on his head...because I'm pretty sure he needs it.  Like right now.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

A day in my life

Congratulations to Morgan for winning the Buttercups and Bliss giveaway!  I'm emailing you right now!  If you didn't win, you should still go check out the products Brittany makes...for real, they're adorbs.
5:58 AM--You hear a soft knock on Gibson's door.  It gets louder.  And louder.  And then Gibson starts squealing.  He's awake.  Oh good.

6:00--Your sweet husband gets up with Gibson, because he's literally the best.  And then you cry because he's going back to work next week.

8:00--You get out of bed, FINALLY, and go to the living room to find Gibson making a huge mess with his Mega Bloks.  He smiles at you and continues banging blocks into each other as loudly as possible.

For the next hour or so, Gibson runs around the house like a maniac, drumming on everything with the spoons he has stolen from the kitchen drawer (which he's now tall enough to reach. YAY).  He tries valiantly to flush both toilets, put his finger in outlets, and lock himself in the bedrooms.  You thwart his efforts, much to his dismay.

9:15--Gibson begins fervently signing "PLEASE!" and drags the huge Sam's Club tub of animal crackers over to you.  You let him get his own crackers out (because he's a BIG BOY, darn it!), and five crackers end up on the floor for Ellie.  She is elated.

9:20--Gibson throws his sippy cup forcefully at your face, signing "please."  Which means, "Mommy, I'm out of water!  Could you possibly pour me some more?  You are a kind and generous mommy!"  You get him more water, and he promptly throws the full sippy cup on the floor to leak while he runs in circles.

For the next hour and a half, he continues to play/run around/be crazy.  Or we go out.  It depends on whether I have showered.  I usually haven't.

11:00--Lunch time!  Gibson gets very excited to eat, and then refuses to touch his food.  OH GOOD.  Half of his sandwich ends up on the floor, much to Ellie's delight.  Gibson thinks it is SO FUNNY to watch Ellie eat his sandwich.  At some point you get fed up and say, "Are you all done, Gibson?" and he happily says "DUH! DUH!"  You take him out of the high chair and he runs around ecstatically.

11:30--Gibson is still running around happily, but you're absolutely ready for nap time.  So you tell him that.  He happily goes to his bedroom with you, and happily lays down and waves his blankie around.  Once you leave, he happily kicks the wall for twenty minutes.

During nap time you do whatever you want.  With no tiny fingernails poking you.

2:15--Once again, you hear a soft knocking at Gibson's door, followed by screeching.  Or sometimes you might just hear quiet babble.  In any case, he's awake.  For the next thirty minutes you will either be dealing with an inconsolable toddler or a wildly manic one.  It depends on the day.

2:45--It's snack time once again!  You can tell because Gibson is signing "please" and flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water.

After snack time, Gibson will run around like a crazy again.  For a long time.  And if you try to stop him, he'll yell at you.  And if you try to take the fork out of his hand so he doesn't poke his eyeballs out, he'll yell even louder.

5:00--Dinner time!  It's basically a repeat of lunch.  Lots of food on the floor, and a very happy doggy.

6:15--You begin to smell poop.  HOORAY.  You'll be putting a nighttime diaper on Gibson in 45 minutes, so you begin to wrestle with yourself.  Do I (*cough*Danny) change him now?  Or leave him in the poopy diaper for awhile?  I don't want to waste a diaper!

6:20--The smell is terrible, so you take his diaper off and let him run around naked.  The next 40 minutes of your life will be spent chasing him and keeping him from peeing on things.

7:00--It's time to get ready for bed!  Hooray!  Bedtime diaper, pajamas, milk!  Gibson is VERY EXCITED about all of it!  He runs around like a crazy person while you try and shove milk in his mouth.

7:15--Gibson is STILL EXCITED!  You take him to the bottom of the stairs and let him climb up a few times to try and wear him out.

7:20--SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!  You have a tickle fight that results in Gibson being hyper and you being tired.

7:25--Holy cow he's still excited!  You turn on a Pentatonix video and try to snuggle Gibson while he drinks his milk.  He steals your glasses and pokes you in the eye.  And laughs.

7:30--Okay.  No matter what, it's bedtime.  Even though Gibson is running around like a goon.  You put him in his bed, hand him his blankie, and leave.  He laughs for a second, and then begins to wail.  And then he kicks the wall so hard you're pretty sure there's a hole in it.

7:45--He's asleep!  You rejoice and break out the ice cream.  And then you watch a tv show that is sure to make you cry.  And then you go to bed.


**Author's note:

Throughout the day, you will try to go to the bathroom alone many times.  It will never work.  Gibson will march into the bathroom yelling nonsense at you.  And then he'll steal the toilet paper and suck on the toilet sponge and drop toys in the bathtub and cry.  And then he'll shut the door and scream because he can't get out.  But you can't get off the toilet because you're busy expelling waste into it.

You should also try to do things like brush your hair and teeth when Gibson is otherwise occupied.  Because if you do either of those things without giving him a turn, you're the WORST MOM IN THE WORLD.  And if you do give him your tooth or hair brush to play with, he'll steal them and put them in the dog's water bowl.  And you, being tired, will still use them.  Because how dirty can the dog's water bowl really be?

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gibson's Foolproof Methods To Get Dizzy Quickly!

So, you know how toddlers like to spin in circles to get dizzy?

Well, apparently Gibson is finally a toddler, because he LOVES getting dizzy these days!

He has several different methods of becoming dizzy, and wanted me to outline them for you all so that your toddlers can also get dizzy!

Method #1: The Tipsy Puppy
In this method, the toddler gets into crawling position on their hands and knees.  Then, the toddler begins to swing his head from side to side until he is satisfactorily dizzy.

Method #2: The Wobbly Popstar
This is a more advanced method of becoming dizzy.  The toddler stands on his feet and swings his head from side to side until he falls down.

Justin Bieber is particularly good at this method.

Method #3: The Smooth Criminal
The toddler walks around backwards in circles until he runs into something.  This is not a very effective method, but seems to be fun.  Watching Michael Jackson moonwalk should help with the toddler's technique.

Method #4: The Staggering Stallion*
This is Gibson's newest method, and is the most effective at making him dizzy.  It is also rather advanced, so toddlers who are new to becoming dizzy should start with the previous methods before trying it.

The toddler begins by standing up and putting his hand in front of him.  He then stares at his hand while spinning in circles until he falls down.

His hand leads him in the circle and provides a focus point.  This obviously helps him to get dizzy faster.  If the toddler would prefer to stare at something other than his hand, he can hold a toy while spinning.  This is just as effective.

And, for your viewing pleasure, here is a five-second video of Gibson doing the Staggering Stallion*.  Ultimately, however, he wanted crackers more than getting dizzy, so he did not complete the move.

*Gibson wanted to name this method.  He fancies himself a stallion, apparently.  He's obviously more like a sweet little pony, but don't tell him I said that...he likes feeling manly.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Buttercups and Bliss Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, I entered a giveaway to win a $20 store credit at Buttercups and Bliss.

And guess what?  I WON!

I wasn't sure what to get...Brittany makes beautiful crocheted hats, photography props, cowls, dolls, ear warmers.  Pretty much everything!  I REALLY wanted one of her beautiful crocheted mermaid dolls!

But Danny doesn't like mermaids (dork) and asked if she could crochet a stuffed Hobbes doll for Gibson.  I liked that idea, too, so I asked...and of course she said yes!  Because for real, Brittany can make anything.

Not only did Brittany make Hobbes super quickly, but she kept me updated throughout the process.  She posted pictures of her process on her Facebook page, which was so fun to see!

The day I got Hobbes, I tried surprising Gibson with him after nap time.  The only problem is that Gibson wakes up SUPER SAD from his naps, and Hobbes didn't help.

Saddest selfie ever.
  But now that he's over that hurdle, he loves him!  Hobbes has been getting lots of hugs since he came home!

Best friends!

So now Gibson has a beautiful Hobbes!  And I have a wonderful giveaway for you!  Brittany is giving away a $20 credit to her store to one lucky reader from the United States!  Yay!

You can use the credit toward anything currently in her store, or have her make something custom for you!  The Buttercups and Bliss Etsy page has some products, and there are more on her Facebook page, so make sure to check that out, too!

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway!  It is open for United States residents, and I will choose a winner on the morning of August 7th!  Make sure to read the instructions for the entry options so that I don't have to throw your entries out!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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