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Friday, August 29, 2014

All the things that make me cry

In case you forgot, I'm pregnant.

Let's all please stop forgetting about the contents of my uterus, okay?  My uterus is the MOST IMPORTANT THING.

Anyway.  This pregnancy has been pretty different from Gibson's.  I've felt sicker, had more aches and pains, and I'm WAY more emotional.

But you don't even understand.  I'm SO EMOTIONAL.  Like, probably the most emotional person in the world.

When I was pregnant with Gibson I cried sometimes.  One time I cried because I got all comfortable in bed, and then I had to pee.  And I'm pretty sure I cried because I was tired of eating all the time once.  But for the most part, I wasn't too emotional.

So, for your reading pleasure, here's a list of things that have made me cry lately:

...I really like lists lately.  Sorry about that.

1.  Boy Meets World
Danny and I decided to watch the whole series this summer, and it was a TERRIBLE IDEA for pregnant Erin.  I cried so much.  Especially once we got to the end...did you ever notice that Cory DOESN'T EVEN HUG HIS MOMMY when he leaves for New York????  WHAT THE HECK?  I cried for thirty minutes because Gibson is going to leave me to live in New York and he isn't even going to give me a hug before he leaves.

2.  Parenthood
I'm pretty sure when they wrote this show, they intended for people to cry in at least every other episode.  Gah.  Even not pregnant I cry at it...so it's just magnified when my hormones are crazy.

3.  Harry Potter
Over the last week or two, Danny and I watched all of the Harry Potter movies after Gibson went to sleep.  We watched the last one last night and OF COURSE I was a wreck.  So many tears.  My glasses got all foggy because of the moisture and I had to take them off, and then everything was fuzzy.

4.  Facebook
It seems like Facebook is full of sad things these days.  Robin Williams, Ferguson, ISIS, ALS videos...it all makes me cry.  For a week and a half, I cried every single day while scrolling through my newsfeed.  Someone really should have changed my password without telling me to keep me away.

5.  Dropping my lunch
On Wednesday of this week, I got some leftover ravioli to eat for lunch.  And promptly dropped it all over my pants and the carpet.  And then I sobbed uncontrollably for half an hour.  Like, I was wailing.  Once I calmed down, I scooped the ravioli off the floor and ate it.  Because I was hungry, darn it!  And dog hair has fiber, right?  So it's okay that I ate so much of it!

6.  The Fourth of July parade
This is probably the silliest thing I have cried about.  I had just found out I was pregnant a few days before the parade, and we went with our friends.  I was standing there watching all the firetrucks go by, and I kept thinking about how firefighters save people.  And they were playing patriotic music.  And Gibson was having SO much fun, and I was just so happy that we were there as a family.  Aaaaaand I cried.  It was embarrassing.

So.  If you want to make me cry, now you know how!  But please don't try to make me cry.  It makes my nose look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which isn't the most flattering look for me.

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  1. When I was 9 months pregnant and a few days overdue I cried because a restaurant didn't serve lemonade and I had been craving it all morning. =D

  2. Lol this made me laugh! So cute and so funny!


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