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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gibson's Foolproof Methods To Get Dizzy Quickly!

So, you know how toddlers like to spin in circles to get dizzy?

Well, apparently Gibson is finally a toddler, because he LOVES getting dizzy these days!

He has several different methods of becoming dizzy, and wanted me to outline them for you all so that your toddlers can also get dizzy!

Method #1: The Tipsy Puppy
In this method, the toddler gets into crawling position on their hands and knees.  Then, the toddler begins to swing his head from side to side until he is satisfactorily dizzy.

Method #2: The Wobbly Popstar
This is a more advanced method of becoming dizzy.  The toddler stands on his feet and swings his head from side to side until he falls down.

Justin Bieber is particularly good at this method.

Method #3: The Smooth Criminal
The toddler walks around backwards in circles until he runs into something.  This is not a very effective method, but seems to be fun.  Watching Michael Jackson moonwalk should help with the toddler's technique.

Method #4: The Staggering Stallion*
This is Gibson's newest method, and is the most effective at making him dizzy.  It is also rather advanced, so toddlers who are new to becoming dizzy should start with the previous methods before trying it.

The toddler begins by standing up and putting his hand in front of him.  He then stares at his hand while spinning in circles until he falls down.

His hand leads him in the circle and provides a focus point.  This obviously helps him to get dizzy faster.  If the toddler would prefer to stare at something other than his hand, he can hold a toy while spinning.  This is just as effective.

And, for your viewing pleasure, here is a five-second video of Gibson doing the Staggering Stallion*.  Ultimately, however, he wanted crackers more than getting dizzy, so he did not complete the move.

*Gibson wanted to name this method.  He fancies himself a stallion, apparently.  He's obviously more like a sweet little pony, but don't tell him I said that...he likes feeling manly.

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