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Friday, August 8, 2014

Gymboree Summer Collection Review!

You've probably noticed that I'm a fashionista.

...except not really.  I just wish I was.  But most of the time I wear sweatpants, so I obviously don't try very hard.

But I really love dressing Gibson!  Little boy clothes are ridiculously adorable, and when you put my adorable kid in them they're even cuter!

So when Gymboree contacted me about doing a review of their summer collections, I was so excited!  They sent me a gift card, and I got to do some online shopping!  MY FAVORITE!

Gymboree has been one of my favorite places to buy Gibson's clothes since he was born.  Unlike a lot of other stores, they have a great selection of boys' clothes, and they're super cute!  I love that they have outfits with lots of accessories...although Gibson won't keep a hat on, so I usually have to skip the adorable fedoras.  Sad face.

Since I usually buy Gibson casual t-shirts when I get him clothes, I decided to use my Gymboree gift card to get some adorable button down shirts...and I love them!  He's the handsomest boy in the whole world!  What could be cuter than a chunky little toddler in a button down and shark shorts?

NOTHING.  Absolutely nothing.

Ever since I can remember I've been popping my collar.

Gymboree's clothes are definitely made well, and wash really nicely.  They tend to run a little bit big for Gibson, but I would prefer clothes that run too big than too small!  That way he can wear them longer!

This is my favorite outfit!

Thanks to Gymboree for asking me to review your clothing!  Although Gibson didn't love these photo shoots (he HATES having his clothes changed!), I think he feels very handsome in his new clothes!  And I know that I love them!

Yelling "BALL!" at me.

Being a model is awfully hard.

He loves the grass!

Handsome baby selfie!
Go check out Gymboree's adorable clothes!  Their new Flight School collection is ridiculously adorable...I'll be needing to do some shopping soon, for sure!  I love fall clothes!  I'm wondering whether Gibson would keep the Flight Goggles Cap on his head...because I'm pretty sure he needs it.  Like right now.

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