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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm bursting with pride!

So, you know how people tell you that your toddler will go through an explosion of learning at some point in their lives?  And you don't believe them, because your toddler seems content to sit in the corner and eat carpet fuzz?


I was pretty sure that Gibson would never start saying more words, and all of the sudden he started saying FIVE MILLION NEW WORDS.

He went from having 10ish words to having five million and ten words.  Or maybe 25ish.  One of the two.

It all started the day Danny started going to school for teacher meetings last week.  Gibson said "water" and "more" that day.  Over and over.

So obviously having Daddy gone is good for Gibson's verbal skills!  Ha!

And then he added eye, ear, and nose.  And he points at them when he says them.

Then, randomly, he decided to know what a key is.  WHY?  He takes his key to the door to try and unlock it and says "KEY! KEY!".  We almost never use keys to come in the house!  When did he learn that??

And then he said so many new words it was very hard to keep track.  They include: buddy, block, red, wash, hi, and teeth.

He also learned how to make a snake noise (adorable), do all the motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider," sing along with "Old MacDonald" (he says "woah woah woah" instead of EIEIO), and make cat noises.  When he wants to.

THIS ALL HAPPENED IN THE PAST WEEK.  I'm overwhelmed with pride.

For real, though.  If Gibson continues this trend, he'll be saying "Good morning, mother dearest!  Would you mind fetching me a small snack?  Please and thank you, my dear woman!" by next week.

...which would be completely fine with me.  I would prefer that over having things thrown at me while he yells "MOH!"  Because RUDE.

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