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Monday, September 29, 2014

Patriotic Pregnancy

It turns out that I'm a super patriotic person when I'm pregnant.

...not that I'm un-patriotic when I'm not with child.  But I don't normally cry over Fourth of July parades.

I am currently (and have been for 30 minutes) listening to the national anthem on Youtube.  Over and over.  Crying.  Thinking about teaching Gibson how to put his hand on his heart, except I know that he'll just shoo me away.

I obviously need to teach him how to be patriotic.  He doesn't care about my Youtube videos at all.

Unless they're videos of Frozen or Pentatonix, that is.  He LOVES those things.

So anyway.  I'm going to keep listening to the national anthem and being weepy, okay?  You all go on being normal.

And listen to this if you want to hear the best rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" in the world.  Also Bill Gaither has trash bags for pants, I'm pretty sure.  Where do you even find a suit that shiny???  I WANT ONE.

God bless America!
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gibson and the bra

You guys are going to get really sick of hearing about Gibson's new words and skills pretty soon.  But until he stops learning so quickly, I'm going to tell you about them anyway!  Ha!

Because for real, this kid learns at least one new word every day.  Sometimes more.  I'll tell you about my favorites!

My favorite new word is "ready"  Gibson and I were in Wal-Mart and I asked if he was ready to go home.  He yelled, "REH-EY! REH-EY!"  And now he tells me that he's ready whenever I ask if he's ready for something!  So cute.

Gibson has also learned about "outside."  He likes to point out the window and say, "Ah-SIDE!"  When Danny takes Ellie to go potty outside Gibson stands at the window and yells "DADDY!  Ah-SIDE!"  And the other day he wanted to go outside and SAID A SENTENCE!  "Ah-side, daddy?"

In case you were wondering, we couldn't take him "ah-side" at the time, because he was on antibiotics and couldn't be in the sun too much.  Poor kid!  We're always depriving him of fun things.

Sometimes Gibson will watch a show once and pick something up from it like he did with "Dora."  This morning he was watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates (adorable) and I could hear him yelling "GO!  GO!"  I asked Danny what he was saying, and apparently he has figured out what the gold dubloons are and was yelling about them.

Gibson has learned a few new body parts!  He can now point at his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, legs, feet, tummy, and bellybutton.  And sometimes his bottom.  And he says the word when he points at it!  My favorite is nose...he's always really angry about his nose for some reason, and points at it and yells "BOW!  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" at us.  Weirdo.

Also he points at my belly when I ask where the baby is!

Recently I've been teaching Gibson more about colors.  He can usually differentiate between red and blue, especially after I've shown them to him.  He says "Weh" for red and "Buuuuue" for blue.  Yesterday I taught him about yellow, and now he says "Wellow" for every color.  Except blue is "Bellow."

We've also been learning about animals!  When I go to the bathroom, Gibson has decided that he DESPERATELY NEEDS to sit on my lap.  So we look at animal pictures on my phone!  Gibson has learned about birds (berrrrr), lions, zebras (zeeee), and fish (shhhhh).  And he can roar like a lion, which is adorable.

Yesterday was a super horrible day for little Gibson (he has hand, foot, and mouth disease and maybe still an ear infection), so I was trying to find ways to keep him from screaming.  So we played the hot and cold game!  I put a blanket on my shoulders and said, "Gibson, I'm so warm!  Ahhhhh!"  Gibson then took the blanket off of me (like I knew he would), and I started shivering and said "Brrrr!  I'm cold!  Mommy is cold!"  And then he brought me the blanket and we did it all over again.  And again.  And again.  So now he can say "cold!"  Also it's VERY FUNNY when mommy is cold, in case you wondered.

One time we bought Gibson some big wooden beads and a rope on which to thread them, because obviously he would love it!  ...well, he didn't.  But recently he did decide to looooove one of the beads.  He throws it around and yells "BEE!  BEE!"  He bounces it off his drum, rolls it down the hallway, tries to eat it...it's adorable.  Kind of.

The word "shoe" is probably Gibson's favorite thing to say right now.  We went to the shoe section at Wal-Mart recently, and it was like heaven for him!  He was pointing at everything yelling "SHOE!  SHOE!  SHOOOOOOE!"  When we left he said goodbye to the shoes.

Also he has started saying "Ellie" correctly!  For a long time he said "Ehhhhhh."  And then he stopped that and just started calling her "dog."  But now he yells "ELLL-EEEEE!"  It's SO CUTE.  And he started saying "daddy" correctly, too!  He used to say it right, and then started saying "Dah-eee."  But now he runs around the house searching for Danny all day saying "DADDY!  DADDY!"

And now for the most embarrassing (to me) word.  I was getting dressed one morning, and Gibson came into my room.  He was pointing at things around me and I was naming them, and then he pointed to my bra.  So I told him what it was.  He took it off the bed and said "Bra!  HAT!" and put it on his head.

Now he yells "BRA! BRA! BRA!" over and over randomly when he sees one.  I was just trying to identify things for him!  I didn't know he would pick up on that word!!  So if you hear him say something that sounds like "bra," just ignore him.  Sorry about that.
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Public tantrums/My genius idea

We've been dealing with tantrums from Gibson for a LONG time.  Because he likes to be sad sometimes.

But until recently, all of the tantrums have pretty much happened at home.  Which is completely fine with me!  In public he always seemed SO happy.

Unfortunately, that lucky streak seems to have ended.  SAD.  On Saturday he threw approximately fifty seven tantrums in front of other people.  In public.  Where people are judgmental.

We went to a town nearby because at the mall there were animals that we could see for free.  So we saw monkeys and llamas and a panther (a VERY FAT panther) and a baby tiger and ponies and donkeys and goats.  Gibson thought it was the BEST.

...but we were so so stupid and didn't bring the stroller.  So Danny carried Gibson, which was fine for .112 seconds.  And then he wanted to walk.

The problem is that Gibson doesn't walk with us nicely.  His idea of walking is walking WHEREVER HE WANTS and NEVER HOLDING HANDS and NEVER GOING WHERE MOMMY AND DADDY WANT HIM TO GO.  If we try to hold his hand, he sits down and screams.  And if we try to get him to not climb the fence into the panther cage, he flails around and screams.

And don't even think about picking him back up!  Because he'll throw his melon head into your forehead, thus giving you both concussions.  And then he'll throw his melon head backwards and almost fall out of your arms onto the concrete.  And then he'll wave his melon head around in circles and kick his feet and be generally awful.

And people will STARE.  And JUDGE.  And WHISPER.  And smugly look at their semi-well-behaved children like, "At least MY kids aren't acting like THAT one.  What terrible parents!  Haha!"

We also went out to eat at Steak N Shake, because Danny loves it more than he loves me.  Gibson, unfortunately, has not learned to love Steak N Shake yet.  And he threw many tantrums while we were there.

Most of the tantrums happened because he purposefully threw his tiny crayons on the floor.  He would color really fervently, then throw the crayon, look at it, and start shrieking as loudly as possible.

...it turns out that people in a restaurant stare and judge even more than people at a free exotic animal exhibit.  Fun.  Luckily some super nice people sat behind us and thought Gibson was the cutest even when he was screaming, so that was good.  Also the man looked like my dad, so Gibson kept staring at him creepily.

On our way home, I was trying to think of a way to keep Gibson occupied in public.  AND I THOUGHT OF SUCH A GOOD WAY!

So on Sunday we went to Walmart before church to get the materials to make a clipboard with crayons attached.  Because that way Gibson can color without throwing his crayons on the ground!  And coloring almost always makes him happy.

We bought a clipboard that opens so we can keep extra paper in there.  And we bought the humongous Crayola crayons, because I didn't want him to break them.  Also Crayola is OBVIOUSLY the best choice when it comes to crayons.  Duh.

I tied some yarn to the end of the crayons and used duct tape to secure it SUPER well.  And then I tied them to the clip part of the clipboard.  I only used two crayons...if I had used more they would have gotten all tangled up!

Then we used my GENIUS invention at church.  AND GUESS WHAT!  He was so quiet and nice for so long!  I even took a picture!

So.  You should all make a clipboard with crayons attached.  It will help, maybe.  I'm kind of excited to take it to a restaurant and hopefully not have to pick crayons up off the floor for the entirety of our meal!  Also I bet it will help at doctor's appointments and stores and things!

It's even great at home!  Gibson is currently coloring like a fool!

So anyway.  Hopefully now he won't throw as many tantrums, and we won't get all the nasty judgey looks!

...except he was coloring and then he started tantrumming just now.  Dang it.  Maybe it's not a genius idea after all.
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Heavenly Head Wraps GIVEAWAY!

Did you guys know that I have a sister?

WELL I DO!  And she's cute and nice and she makes beautiful head wraps!

...which I'll be giving away today!  HOORAY!  You guys are lucky that my family is so talented.

Amy started Heavenly Head Wraps this year, and her products are so cute!  She makes stretchy head wraps in two styles: tie wraps and the original.

She has also started selling head scarves, which are woven (non-stretchy) fabric that can be tied several ways.  Here's a picture of her modeling a head scarf!

The head scarf can be tied at the back of your head, on top of your head, on the side...however you want!  She makes it look pretty cute, right?

I have several head wraps from Amy, and I love them!  My head is super big, so I had her make a custom size for me.  It turns out that her adult-sized head wraps, while perfect for normal adults, do not fit my melon head.

...it's no wonder Gibson's head is well over the 100th percentile for his age!  We're just a bunch of melon heads.

Amy buys super cute fabric for her head wraps...there are so many that I love!  It's always hard for me to choose which ones to get.  Also, one time I helped her choose some fabric, so you KNOW it's fashionable!  ;)  <Winky face.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Gibson's new girlfriend

Well, it finally happened.  Gibson has a girlfriend!

...thank goodness.  I thought he was going to die alone and never give me grandchildren!!


Um, just kidding.  I would prefer that he not know girls exist until he's 35.

But for real, he's in love.  With Dora the Explorer.

Hooray! Gibson loves me!

On Saturday Gibson watched one episode of Dora.  He hadn't watched it in months.  And all of the sudden, he can't stop saying "DORA!  DORA!  DORA!"  All. The. Time.

Like, yesterday we were at church.  And he yelled "DORA!" during a fairly quiet moment.

And this morning, literally everything he has said involves Dora.  He walked into my room and was babbling, and every other word was "Dora."

"Hi jakakla pajfpa Dora!"  "Daddy hamabaja Dora!  Haha!  Dora!"

My favorite was when he was holding a can of hairspray and said, "Dora SHOE! Haha!"  ...apparently hairspray looks like Dora's shoes?  I don't even know.  But apparently it was funny, whatever it meant.

He requests Dora all day long.  Every time I touch the remote control he says "Dora!"  And sometimes he points at the television and requests, "Dora?  Dora?"  He's a toddler obsessed.  He even sings the theme song!

So now you know how to make Gibson love you!  Just get a purple backpack, bangs, a monkey best friend, and learn to speak Spanish.  He'll love you forever!
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...that's a lie.  But you should vote anyway!
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Friday, September 12, 2014

18 months!

Happy late 18 monthiversary to my sweet Gibson!  Now I'm going to write a VERY LONG post to tell you all about this crazy kid of mine!

First, let's discuss his check-up yesterday.


...for the most part.  But he didn't scream at the nurse AT ALL when she was checking his heart and measuring him!  Which is a brand new development!

Also, he only cried for maybe 15 seconds after his shots.  And then he tried to put his tongue depressor in my mouth.  Which made me almost vomit all over him, because HELLO gag reflex.

He also tried to put it in the doctor's mouth.  She was smart and declined.

Also he handed his doctor his clothes, one article of clothing at a time.  And he told her all about them while he did it.  "HAIEKFHEIDK BABABAB IEJDKFIE!"  She's a good sport and said things like, "Is that so?  Wow!  What a cool shirt!"

He weighs 28 pounds, 14 ounces, which is BIG.  85th percentile.  And he's 33 inches long, which is the 65th.  And his head is ginormous, which I already knew.

Also I learned that he has an ear infection (DARN IT).  But the biggest discovery of the appointment:

GIBSON HAS TWO EXTRA TEETH.  What I thought were his two-year molars coming in on top were actually his one-year.  Because he has TWO EXTRA TEETH before his molars.  We had to endure TWO EXTRA TEETH coming in.  And we still have ALL FOUR TWO-YEAR MOLARS TO GO.

I'm going to cry.  I feel like I've been lied to.  Instead of having to deal with 20 teeth coming in painfully slowly, we get to deal with 22 of them.  HOORAY.

Gah.  Stupid teeth.

So anyway.  Besides the weird teeth and ear infection, Gibson is perfect!  The doctor was very surprised by how much he chatters...he literally talked to her the entire time she was there.  He also did a thing where he put his hands on the floor and his butt in the air and stared at her between his legs.

She laughed a lot and said that he's super goofy.  Which obviously means that he'll be a comedian!  Or maybe a HILARIOUS blogger.  Like someone else you may know.  Wink wink.

Now for all the facts about Gibson!  Here are some of the words he says:
-Uh oh
-Sign (when he wants to watch Signing Time)

He also blows kisses, signs along with Signing Time, points out and says body parts (nose, eye, ear, mouth, leg, tummy, belly button, bottom, diaper, and toes), helps me throw things away, and sometimes asks for things instead of shrieking.  Sometimes.

Gibson is still the pickiest eater on the flipping planet, which is the most frustrating thing in the world.  But he's obviously growing, so his pediatrician isn't worried in the slightest.  He eats oatmeal, peanut butter and jelly, crackers, chicken fingers/nuggets, bananas, sweet potato fries, and not much else.  We give him other foods, but if it doesn't look like one of his favorites, it doesn't even touch his mouth.  There's no trying anything at this point...when we attempt to get him to try new foods, it ends up with lots of screaming and flailing.  And Gibson gets pretty upset, too.

It turns out that Gibson literally never wants to stop moving.  Ever.  He's almost always either running or dancing, and sometimes he crawls around acting like a puppy.  But mostly he just moves a lot.  All the time.  I'm surprised he weighs so much, honestly!

My stubborn child refuses to ever hold hands when we're walking, which means that I get to carry him everywhere if I don't want him running off and getting hit by a car.  And he's very heavy, and I'm pregnant and easily winded.  Not a good combination.

Gibson still loves other kids!  I help with the nursery at our local homeschool group on Wednesdays now, and Gibson gets to play with 10 other toddlers.  He LOVES some of the kids, but it turns out that they don't always love him.  Because he's VERY enthusiastic about his love.  This Wednesday he rushed up to a little boy who came in and said "HI!" really loudly.  The other little boy was kind of terrified.  And then Gibson tried to touch his hair, which also didn't go over very well.  I would have been scared, too!  "Why is this little weirdo trying to touch my hair????"

Also Gibson likes to try and stroke the other kids with his feet during snack time.


The other day I put socks on Gibson for the first time in months, and he walked around staring at his feet going "Sock?  Sock?"  He also hates long sleeves, as it turns out.  Sorry kid!  It's fall.  Get over it.

The minivan is still Gibson's favorite thing EVER.  It's awesome...yesterday he was throwing a tantrum and we needed to leave for his doctor appointment, and I said, "Gibson!  Do you want to go in the car?"  And he perked up instantly and started going "CAR!  CAR!" and reaching out for me to pick him up.  The car fixes everything!

Other things Gibson likes, in no particular order:
-Blue's Clues
-Playing with Ellie
-Bubble Guppies
-Saying "Goodbye" to people
-His chair
-Signing Time
-Reading books
-Spitting food out so Ellie can eat it
-Throwing things
-Toys with wheels
-Being outside
-Hiding my measuring cups and cooking utensils
-Stuffed animals

He doesn't like:
-The crust on bread (what is he, five years old??)
-Coming inside
-When we take away his treasures (kitchen shears, steak knives, Sharpies, etc.)
-Being told to stop stroking people with his dirty feet
-Waking up

In conclusion, Gibson is a very large, stubborn toddler with tons of energy and lots of love to give.  And he likes stroking people with his feet like a weirdo.


...it's been super rainy, so no 18-month photos have been taken yet!  I'll take them this weekend, hopefully, and share soon!
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

I didn't forget!

You probably thought that I forgot Gibson's 18 monthiversary, didn't you???

Well I didn't.  But my sinuses have been attacking me all week, so I haven't written about it.  SORRY.

And, unfortunately for all of y'all, I'm not even writing about it now!  Because his doctor's appointment is this afternoon and I want to be able to tell you super accurate information about his size.  Which is HUGE.  Particularly in the weight department.

So instead, I'm going to tell you about some weather.  IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

...I mean, it's super cloudy and misty.  BUT IT'S NOT 90 DEGREES!!!

With weather like this, I can almost forget that Gibson is a grump and I'm a grump and acid is eating my esophagus and I have to wrestle Gibson at the doctor's office later!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vomit. And other things.

Let's have a super fun random post today, okay?  OKAY!

I'm very tired.  And am drinking a very big iced coffee and it's very delicious.  Very very.

Also Gibson and I were both grumpy this morning so we went to McDonald's and got some breakfast.  Judge me if you want, but now we're happier!

Egg McMuffins are literally my favorite food in the ENTIRE world.  I could eat them everyday and never get tired of them.  Literally.  I'm being serious.

This weekend we went to see my family!  It was nice to see them, as usual.  And there were five dogs there, which Gibson loooooved.

Also, Gibson learned the joys of bossing dogs around.  Whenever one would get in trouble he ran up to each dog and said "GO!" while shaking his finger.  I think he meant "no," but I really have no idea.

I have been super nauseated for a lot of my pregnancy, but I didn't throw up at all until last week.  And now I've thrown up three times (which I know isn't that much) and I don't even love it at all.

Everyone says that nausea is supposed to go away toward the end of the first trimester but they LIED.  I threw up more in the second trimester with Gibson, too.

Last night I stuck my face in Gibson's potty to throw up.  Because I had no bowl with me and that's what was closest.  It was gross.

Gibson has a terrible cough that I'm pretty sure is allergy-related.  But it wakes him up all night and I want it to go away now, okay?

Gibson was watching Signing Time the other day and tried doing all the signs with them!  He also said the words "outside" and "bug" while he signed them!

He also learned the word "help," which is super useful.  Usually he stands by the couch and shrieks if he wants up, but a few days ago he yelled "HA!" (help), and when I walked over to him he said "Uh!" (up).  I'm a proud mommy.

Gibson is far taller than I think he is, and he somehow reached Danny's toothbrush on the bathroom counter today.  He's been carrying it around all morning intermittently brushing his teeth with it.  And he screams if I take it away.  I've decided not to fight this battle...if he wants to brush his teeth I'll let him!

I've already been feeling movements from this little baby inside me!  It's so exciting...I'm not super excited that all of the yucky pregnancy things are starting so much earlier this time (swelling, hip pain, getting huge), but feeling movement earlier is amazing!

I think that's enough randomness for one day, don't you?  Do you feel caught up on my life? If you don't, feel free to tell me and I'll spout some more facts for you.  Maybe.  If I'm not throwing up.
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...we'll keep our fingers crossed.
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