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Friday, September 12, 2014

18 months!

Happy late 18 monthiversary to my sweet Gibson!  Now I'm going to write a VERY LONG post to tell you all about this crazy kid of mine!

First, let's discuss his check-up yesterday.


...for the most part.  But he didn't scream at the nurse AT ALL when she was checking his heart and measuring him!  Which is a brand new development!

Also, he only cried for maybe 15 seconds after his shots.  And then he tried to put his tongue depressor in my mouth.  Which made me almost vomit all over him, because HELLO gag reflex.

He also tried to put it in the doctor's mouth.  She was smart and declined.

Also he handed his doctor his clothes, one article of clothing at a time.  And he told her all about them while he did it.  "HAIEKFHEIDK BABABAB IEJDKFIE!"  She's a good sport and said things like, "Is that so?  Wow!  What a cool shirt!"

He weighs 28 pounds, 14 ounces, which is BIG.  85th percentile.  And he's 33 inches long, which is the 65th.  And his head is ginormous, which I already knew.

Also I learned that he has an ear infection (DARN IT).  But the biggest discovery of the appointment:

GIBSON HAS TWO EXTRA TEETH.  What I thought were his two-year molars coming in on top were actually his one-year.  Because he has TWO EXTRA TEETH before his molars.  We had to endure TWO EXTRA TEETH coming in.  And we still have ALL FOUR TWO-YEAR MOLARS TO GO.

I'm going to cry.  I feel like I've been lied to.  Instead of having to deal with 20 teeth coming in painfully slowly, we get to deal with 22 of them.  HOORAY.

Gah.  Stupid teeth.

So anyway.  Besides the weird teeth and ear infection, Gibson is perfect!  The doctor was very surprised by how much he chatters...he literally talked to her the entire time she was there.  He also did a thing where he put his hands on the floor and his butt in the air and stared at her between his legs.

She laughed a lot and said that he's super goofy.  Which obviously means that he'll be a comedian!  Or maybe a HILARIOUS blogger.  Like someone else you may know.  Wink wink.

Now for all the facts about Gibson!  Here are some of the words he says:
-Uh oh
-Sign (when he wants to watch Signing Time)

He also blows kisses, signs along with Signing Time, points out and says body parts (nose, eye, ear, mouth, leg, tummy, belly button, bottom, diaper, and toes), helps me throw things away, and sometimes asks for things instead of shrieking.  Sometimes.

Gibson is still the pickiest eater on the flipping planet, which is the most frustrating thing in the world.  But he's obviously growing, so his pediatrician isn't worried in the slightest.  He eats oatmeal, peanut butter and jelly, crackers, chicken fingers/nuggets, bananas, sweet potato fries, and not much else.  We give him other foods, but if it doesn't look like one of his favorites, it doesn't even touch his mouth.  There's no trying anything at this point...when we attempt to get him to try new foods, it ends up with lots of screaming and flailing.  And Gibson gets pretty upset, too.

It turns out that Gibson literally never wants to stop moving.  Ever.  He's almost always either running or dancing, and sometimes he crawls around acting like a puppy.  But mostly he just moves a lot.  All the time.  I'm surprised he weighs so much, honestly!

My stubborn child refuses to ever hold hands when we're walking, which means that I get to carry him everywhere if I don't want him running off and getting hit by a car.  And he's very heavy, and I'm pregnant and easily winded.  Not a good combination.

Gibson still loves other kids!  I help with the nursery at our local homeschool group on Wednesdays now, and Gibson gets to play with 10 other toddlers.  He LOVES some of the kids, but it turns out that they don't always love him.  Because he's VERY enthusiastic about his love.  This Wednesday he rushed up to a little boy who came in and said "HI!" really loudly.  The other little boy was kind of terrified.  And then Gibson tried to touch his hair, which also didn't go over very well.  I would have been scared, too!  "Why is this little weirdo trying to touch my hair????"

Also Gibson likes to try and stroke the other kids with his feet during snack time.


The other day I put socks on Gibson for the first time in months, and he walked around staring at his feet going "Sock?  Sock?"  He also hates long sleeves, as it turns out.  Sorry kid!  It's fall.  Get over it.

The minivan is still Gibson's favorite thing EVER.  It's awesome...yesterday he was throwing a tantrum and we needed to leave for his doctor appointment, and I said, "Gibson!  Do you want to go in the car?"  And he perked up instantly and started going "CAR!  CAR!" and reaching out for me to pick him up.  The car fixes everything!

Other things Gibson likes, in no particular order:
-Blue's Clues
-Playing with Ellie
-Bubble Guppies
-Saying "Goodbye" to people
-His chair
-Signing Time
-Reading books
-Spitting food out so Ellie can eat it
-Throwing things
-Toys with wheels
-Being outside
-Hiding my measuring cups and cooking utensils
-Stuffed animals

He doesn't like:
-The crust on bread (what is he, five years old??)
-Coming inside
-When we take away his treasures (kitchen shears, steak knives, Sharpies, etc.)
-Being told to stop stroking people with his dirty feet
-Waking up

In conclusion, Gibson is a very large, stubborn toddler with tons of energy and lots of love to give.  And he likes stroking people with his feet like a weirdo.


...it's been super rainy, so no 18-month photos have been taken yet!  I'll take them this weekend, hopefully, and share soon!
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  1. We had teeth problems too. My son was born with a tooth, which was all very cute until he drew blood while nursing. Ouch. He seemed to think it was all very funny when I screamed!


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