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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gibson and the bra

You guys are going to get really sick of hearing about Gibson's new words and skills pretty soon.  But until he stops learning so quickly, I'm going to tell you about them anyway!  Ha!

Because for real, this kid learns at least one new word every day.  Sometimes more.  I'll tell you about my favorites!

My favorite new word is "ready"  Gibson and I were in Wal-Mart and I asked if he was ready to go home.  He yelled, "REH-EY! REH-EY!"  And now he tells me that he's ready whenever I ask if he's ready for something!  So cute.

Gibson has also learned about "outside."  He likes to point out the window and say, "Ah-SIDE!"  When Danny takes Ellie to go potty outside Gibson stands at the window and yells "DADDY!  Ah-SIDE!"  And the other day he wanted to go outside and SAID A SENTENCE!  "Ah-side, daddy?"

In case you were wondering, we couldn't take him "ah-side" at the time, because he was on antibiotics and couldn't be in the sun too much.  Poor kid!  We're always depriving him of fun things.

Sometimes Gibson will watch a show once and pick something up from it like he did with "Dora."  This morning he was watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates (adorable) and I could hear him yelling "GO!  GO!"  I asked Danny what he was saying, and apparently he has figured out what the gold dubloons are and was yelling about them.

Gibson has learned a few new body parts!  He can now point at his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, legs, feet, tummy, and bellybutton.  And sometimes his bottom.  And he says the word when he points at it!  My favorite is nose...he's always really angry about his nose for some reason, and points at it and yells "BOW!  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" at us.  Weirdo.

Also he points at my belly when I ask where the baby is!

Recently I've been teaching Gibson more about colors.  He can usually differentiate between red and blue, especially after I've shown them to him.  He says "Weh" for red and "Buuuuue" for blue.  Yesterday I taught him about yellow, and now he says "Wellow" for every color.  Except blue is "Bellow."

We've also been learning about animals!  When I go to the bathroom, Gibson has decided that he DESPERATELY NEEDS to sit on my lap.  So we look at animal pictures on my phone!  Gibson has learned about birds (berrrrr), lions, zebras (zeeee), and fish (shhhhh).  And he can roar like a lion, which is adorable.

Yesterday was a super horrible day for little Gibson (he has hand, foot, and mouth disease and maybe still an ear infection), so I was trying to find ways to keep him from screaming.  So we played the hot and cold game!  I put a blanket on my shoulders and said, "Gibson, I'm so warm!  Ahhhhh!"  Gibson then took the blanket off of me (like I knew he would), and I started shivering and said "Brrrr!  I'm cold!  Mommy is cold!"  And then he brought me the blanket and we did it all over again.  And again.  And again.  So now he can say "cold!"  Also it's VERY FUNNY when mommy is cold, in case you wondered.

One time we bought Gibson some big wooden beads and a rope on which to thread them, because obviously he would love it!  ...well, he didn't.  But recently he did decide to looooove one of the beads.  He throws it around and yells "BEE!  BEE!"  He bounces it off his drum, rolls it down the hallway, tries to eat it...it's adorable.  Kind of.

The word "shoe" is probably Gibson's favorite thing to say right now.  We went to the shoe section at Wal-Mart recently, and it was like heaven for him!  He was pointing at everything yelling "SHOE!  SHOE!  SHOOOOOOE!"  When we left he said goodbye to the shoes.

Also he has started saying "Ellie" correctly!  For a long time he said "Ehhhhhh."  And then he stopped that and just started calling her "dog."  But now he yells "ELLL-EEEEE!"  It's SO CUTE.  And he started saying "daddy" correctly, too!  He used to say it right, and then started saying "Dah-eee."  But now he runs around the house searching for Danny all day saying "DADDY!  DADDY!"

And now for the most embarrassing (to me) word.  I was getting dressed one morning, and Gibson came into my room.  He was pointing at things around me and I was naming them, and then he pointed to my bra.  So I told him what it was.  He took it off the bed and said "Bra!  HAT!" and put it on his head.

Now he yells "BRA! BRA! BRA!" over and over randomly when he sees one.  I was just trying to identify things for him!  I didn't know he would pick up on that word!!  So if you hear him say something that sounds like "bra," just ignore him.  Sorry about that.
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  1. Oh my god, adorable!!! He sounds a lot like my son with his development right now. We're also getting into colours and sometimes shapes - though the only one he really knows is "dar!" (star). Haha! Well done Gibson on your language!! xxx


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