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Monday, September 15, 2014

Gibson's new girlfriend

Well, it finally happened.  Gibson has a girlfriend!

...thank goodness.  I thought he was going to die alone and never give me grandchildren!!


Um, just kidding.  I would prefer that he not know girls exist until he's 35.

But for real, he's in love.  With Dora the Explorer.

Hooray! Gibson loves me!

On Saturday Gibson watched one episode of Dora.  He hadn't watched it in months.  And all of the sudden, he can't stop saying "DORA!  DORA!  DORA!"  All. The. Time.

Like, yesterday we were at church.  And he yelled "DORA!" during a fairly quiet moment.

And this morning, literally everything he has said involves Dora.  He walked into my room and was babbling, and every other word was "Dora."

"Hi jakakla pajfpa Dora!"  "Daddy hamabaja Dora!  Haha!  Dora!"

My favorite was when he was holding a can of hairspray and said, "Dora SHOE! Haha!"  ...apparently hairspray looks like Dora's shoes?  I don't even know.  But apparently it was funny, whatever it meant.

He requests Dora all day long.  Every time I touch the remote control he says "Dora!"  And sometimes he points at the television and requests, "Dora?  Dora?"  He's a toddler obsessed.  He even sings the theme song!

So now you know how to make Gibson love you!  Just get a purple backpack, bangs, a monkey best friend, and learn to speak Spanish.  He'll love you forever!
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...that's a lie.  But you should vote anyway!
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