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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Heavenly Head Wraps GIVEAWAY!

Did you guys know that I have a sister?

WELL I DO!  And she's cute and nice and she makes beautiful head wraps!

...which I'll be giving away today!  HOORAY!  You guys are lucky that my family is so talented.

Amy started Heavenly Head Wraps this year, and her products are so cute!  She makes stretchy head wraps in two styles: tie wraps and the original.

She has also started selling head scarves, which are woven (non-stretchy) fabric that can be tied several ways.  Here's a picture of her modeling a head scarf!

The head scarf can be tied at the back of your head, on top of your head, on the side...however you want!  She makes it look pretty cute, right?

I have several head wraps from Amy, and I love them!  My head is super big, so I had her make a custom size for me.  It turns out that her adult-sized head wraps, while perfect for normal adults, do not fit my melon head.

...it's no wonder Gibson's head is well over the 100th percentile for his age!  We're just a bunch of melon heads.

Amy buys super cute fabric for her head wraps...there are so many that I love!  It's always hard for me to choose which ones to get.  Also, one time I helped her choose some fabric, so you KNOW it's fashionable!  ;)  <Winky face.

One of you lucky readers from the United States will win a $25 store credit to Heavenly Head Wraps!  And ALL of you lucky readers (from the United States) can get 10% off through October 16, 2014 by using the code Spoonful10.

Also, when you buy six head wraps you will get one free!  That promo never expires, and will automatically apply to your order if you have six wraps in your cart!

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway!  Remember to do the option before confirming your entry; otherwise it won't count!

Also remember to vote for my blog using the pink banner at the bottom of this page!  It won't help you win the giveaway, but it will help you be a better person.  Maybe.

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