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Monday, September 22, 2014

Public tantrums/My genius idea

We've been dealing with tantrums from Gibson for a LONG time.  Because he likes to be sad sometimes.

But until recently, all of the tantrums have pretty much happened at home.  Which is completely fine with me!  In public he always seemed SO happy.

Unfortunately, that lucky streak seems to have ended.  SAD.  On Saturday he threw approximately fifty seven tantrums in front of other people.  In public.  Where people are judgmental.

We went to a town nearby because at the mall there were animals that we could see for free.  So we saw monkeys and llamas and a panther (a VERY FAT panther) and a baby tiger and ponies and donkeys and goats.  Gibson thought it was the BEST.

...but we were so so stupid and didn't bring the stroller.  So Danny carried Gibson, which was fine for .112 seconds.  And then he wanted to walk.

The problem is that Gibson doesn't walk with us nicely.  His idea of walking is walking WHEREVER HE WANTS and NEVER HOLDING HANDS and NEVER GOING WHERE MOMMY AND DADDY WANT HIM TO GO.  If we try to hold his hand, he sits down and screams.  And if we try to get him to not climb the fence into the panther cage, he flails around and screams.

And don't even think about picking him back up!  Because he'll throw his melon head into your forehead, thus giving you both concussions.  And then he'll throw his melon head backwards and almost fall out of your arms onto the concrete.  And then he'll wave his melon head around in circles and kick his feet and be generally awful.

And people will STARE.  And JUDGE.  And WHISPER.  And smugly look at their semi-well-behaved children like, "At least MY kids aren't acting like THAT one.  What terrible parents!  Haha!"

We also went out to eat at Steak N Shake, because Danny loves it more than he loves me.  Gibson, unfortunately, has not learned to love Steak N Shake yet.  And he threw many tantrums while we were there.

Most of the tantrums happened because he purposefully threw his tiny crayons on the floor.  He would color really fervently, then throw the crayon, look at it, and start shrieking as loudly as possible.

...it turns out that people in a restaurant stare and judge even more than people at a free exotic animal exhibit.  Fun.  Luckily some super nice people sat behind us and thought Gibson was the cutest even when he was screaming, so that was good.  Also the man looked like my dad, so Gibson kept staring at him creepily.

On our way home, I was trying to think of a way to keep Gibson occupied in public.  AND I THOUGHT OF SUCH A GOOD WAY!

So on Sunday we went to Walmart before church to get the materials to make a clipboard with crayons attached.  Because that way Gibson can color without throwing his crayons on the ground!  And coloring almost always makes him happy.

We bought a clipboard that opens so we can keep extra paper in there.  And we bought the humongous Crayola crayons, because I didn't want him to break them.  Also Crayola is OBVIOUSLY the best choice when it comes to crayons.  Duh.

I tied some yarn to the end of the crayons and used duct tape to secure it SUPER well.  And then I tied them to the clip part of the clipboard.  I only used two crayons...if I had used more they would have gotten all tangled up!

Then we used my GENIUS invention at church.  AND GUESS WHAT!  He was so quiet and nice for so long!  I even took a picture!

So.  You should all make a clipboard with crayons attached.  It will help, maybe.  I'm kind of excited to take it to a restaurant and hopefully not have to pick crayons up off the floor for the entirety of our meal!  Also I bet it will help at doctor's appointments and stores and things!

It's even great at home!  Gibson is currently coloring like a fool!

So anyway.  Hopefully now he won't throw as many tantrums, and we won't get all the nasty judgey looks!

...except he was coloring and then he started tantrumming just now.  Dang it.  Maybe it's not a genius idea after all.
Maybe if you vote for my blog today, Gibson won't be such a turd!  But don't worry.  Even if he continues being a turd, at least he's a super cute one!

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  1. Thanks so much for the idea! I'm taking my Marchie on an international flight in December, and this will help us soooo much!


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