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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vomit. And other things.

Let's have a super fun random post today, okay?  OKAY!

I'm very tired.  And am drinking a very big iced coffee and it's very delicious.  Very very.

Also Gibson and I were both grumpy this morning so we went to McDonald's and got some breakfast.  Judge me if you want, but now we're happier!

Egg McMuffins are literally my favorite food in the ENTIRE world.  I could eat them everyday and never get tired of them.  Literally.  I'm being serious.

This weekend we went to see my family!  It was nice to see them, as usual.  And there were five dogs there, which Gibson loooooved.

Also, Gibson learned the joys of bossing dogs around.  Whenever one would get in trouble he ran up to each dog and said "GO!" while shaking his finger.  I think he meant "no," but I really have no idea.

I have been super nauseated for a lot of my pregnancy, but I didn't throw up at all until last week.  And now I've thrown up three times (which I know isn't that much) and I don't even love it at all.

Everyone says that nausea is supposed to go away toward the end of the first trimester but they LIED.  I threw up more in the second trimester with Gibson, too.

Last night I stuck my face in Gibson's potty to throw up.  Because I had no bowl with me and that's what was closest.  It was gross.

Gibson has a terrible cough that I'm pretty sure is allergy-related.  But it wakes him up all night and I want it to go away now, okay?

Gibson was watching Signing Time the other day and tried doing all the signs with them!  He also said the words "outside" and "bug" while he signed them!

He also learned the word "help," which is super useful.  Usually he stands by the couch and shrieks if he wants up, but a few days ago he yelled "HA!" (help), and when I walked over to him he said "Uh!" (up).  I'm a proud mommy.

Gibson is far taller than I think he is, and he somehow reached Danny's toothbrush on the bathroom counter today.  He's been carrying it around all morning intermittently brushing his teeth with it.  And he screams if I take it away.  I've decided not to fight this battle...if he wants to brush his teeth I'll let him!

I've already been feeling movements from this little baby inside me!  It's so exciting...I'm not super excited that all of the yucky pregnancy things are starting so much earlier this time (swelling, hip pain, getting huge), but feeling movement earlier is amazing!

I think that's enough randomness for one day, don't you?  Do you feel caught up on my life? If you don't, feel free to tell me and I'll spout some more facts for you.  Maybe.  If I'm not throwing up.
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...we'll keep our fingers crossed.
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