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Friday, October 31, 2014

Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner Giveaway!

So, you have probably figured out by now that my life is a mess.

...but it's a happy mess full of cute toddlers.  Toddlers that follow me around saying "CHEESE!  CHEESE!  CHEESE!" while I'm trying to take photos for this blog post.

My messy toddler. He won't let me wipe his face.

Anything that helps me organize my life is a good thing in my book.  So when Sue Hooley contacted me about reviewing and doing a giveaway of her Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner, I was so excited!  I had seen her planner featured on a blog at some point before Gibson was born, and remember being interested in it then...so trying it out now was a no-brainer!

Sue's planner is broken down by the year, months, and weeks.  It's a great way to write things down quickly and then add more detail later.

Even Gibson loves it!

The year section has mini calendars for 2015 and 2016, as well as spots to write down dates to remember for each month in those years.  I also love that she includes lined pages for notes...I'm always needing to scribble things down quickly!

The month section has larger calendars for each month, as well as a section on the left of the calendar for notes for that month.

The week section is my favorite, though!  Each two-page spread includes spots to write down tasks/appointments/reminders for each day of the week.  There is also a box in each day where you can write down your menu for that day; so handy for meal planning!  There is a tasks list at the top of the page, and a different Bible verse is featured each week.

Behind the calendar sections of the planner are tasks, projects, info, and shopping sections.  The tasks and projects sections are places to write lists and information about whatever you want!  The info section has places to write down peoples' phone numbers and addresses (SO handy to keep important numbers in one place!), and the shopping section has perforated shopping lists so that you can write down what you need and take it with you without having to take your entire planner.





And in the very back of the planner there are pockets.  I like to keep doctor appointment cards back there...I'm always losing them!

I absolutely love that the Homemaker's Friend planner breaks everything down so well...it works so well for me!  If you think this planner could work well for you, too, you can buy one HERE!  Sue has graciously offered $1 off to my readers, so use that link to get your planner for $12.99.

Also, one lucky reader from the United States will win a 2015 Homemaker's Friend planner!  Just use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!  You can enter through the end of the day on Thursday, November 6, and I will announce the winner on the morning of November 7!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Hey!  Remember me?

I haven't been around much.  Would you like to know why?

Because life is CRAZY.

...I typed "cray" on accident, but I don't like that word.  So I changed it to "crazy."

Gibson has been sick.  Constantly.  Literally.  He has had ear infections like crazy, hand foot and mouth disease, and now he has some sort of nasty cold with a lovely cough.

And when Gibson is sick, he's truly awful.  I mean, he's really sweet and cute sometimes, but the smallest things set him off and he screams and shrieks and flails and it's horrible.  Netflix has been our friend for the last month or so.

So my life has been nuts.  Also cray.  So let me update you on some things that are going on, okay?

Gibson is getting tubes put in on Thursday!  Praise the Lord!  I'm hoping that this will be the start to a happier, healthier Gibson.

The baby inside of me is moving a lot, and is super healthy!  I think it's a girl.  I could be wrong.

The baby inside of me is also causing me to never sleep, at all.  Because of peeing.  And also nightmares.  And also hunger.  I'm tired.  So tired.

Gibson has been waking up at 5:30 or earlier most days this week.  Daylight savings is Saturday.  Which means that on Sunday, he'll wake up at 4:30 if we can't get him to start sleeping later.

...no thank you.  I hate daylight savings.

I ordered a Gro Clock this morning to hopefully help with the early waking.  But it's coming from the UK, so it won't be here before this weekend.  And I didn't especially want to pay crazy amounts of money to get it here faster.  Oh well.

We had the air conditioning on yesterday.  And it's almost Halloween.  WHAT IS THIS WEATHER?

Speaking of Halloween, we're being scrooges and doing nothing this year.  No costume for Gibson (although he might be a lumberjack, because we found a cute flannel shirt!), no trick-or-treating, no decorations.  It just seems like too much work, and Gibson wouldn't even like it.  And he won't get to eat candy because: A) I'm mean, and B) He doesn't eat anything that isn't pancakes or crackers.

In that vein, Gibson's pickiness is at an all-time high.  He consistently eats oatmeal, pancakes, crackers, Kix cereal, and not much else.  Sometimes he eats french toast or pizza.  Mealtime is frustrating.

Gibson gets hurt a lot these days.  He currently has a large bruise on his cheek (falling down the stairs), a cut on his forehead (tripping into a wall), and an owie on his lip (running into my knee mouth first).

Also he has athlete's foot.  Fun.

In the past week Gibson and I have gone to the doctor's office three times to see his pediatrician, a podiatrist, and the ENT.  And he was a DREAM at all of those offices...I've learned that having a big bag of Kix and his stroller is a massive help.  He didn't even cry at the ENT's office.  AT ALL.  Even when they looked in his ears!

Gibson has so many new words!  Recent words include heart, star, kitty (he LOVES Hello Kitty), Woody (Toy Story), bottle, soap, egg (he was playing with eggshells!  Fun!), cereal, house, show, and rock.  Also he tries to jump (by bending his knees and then straightening) and follows lots of directions!

Also he plays pretend!  Yesterday he pretended to put something in Danny's hand, then picked it back up.  He pretends to pour milk when there's an empty carton, pretends to feed us by shoving a spoon down our throats (gag), and pretends to drink things out of empty cups.

And he draws things!  He loves to draw Danny and Ellie and then point and tell me about them.  He also draws hearts and stars, and identifies them when I draw them.  But his favorite is when I draw Hello Kitty...he yells "KITTY!  KITTY!" and then draws on her face and tells me about it.

Gibson is apparently getting taller, and can now reach things on the counter in the kitchen.  Which is how he got eggshells to play with.  Oops!

There are lovely crayon drawings all over our house.  Gibson is usually pretty good about coloring on his paper, but sometimes he feels the need to express his creativity on the wall by the front door and we don't catch him.  Oh well.  It's nothing a magic eraser or paint can't fix!

Ummmm.  I think that's it.  Who knows.  Gibson changes on a near daily basis...it's hard for me to even keep up with him!

Please forgive me for being gone so much...I can't promise that I'll be around a lot, but know that I think of you all daily!

Also, tune in later this week for a giveaway!!  YAY!
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Bedtime bliss

For the past month or so, putting Gibson to bed at night and for his naps has been the BEST.

No sarcasm.  It has literally been the best.

At some point, he learned to run to his room and put himself in bed when I say, "Gibson, are you ready for bed?"


For a long time, he would run to his room, get in bed, put his blanket on himself, and wait for me to put his pillow on top of him.  Then he got a kiss and said "BYE!"  And that was that.  He went to sleep.

But recently, he will shake his head no when I ask when he's ready for bed.  And then he finds a random object to take with him.

It's SO weird sometimes.

The first couple of times he grabbed his water and headed to bed.  That's normal.  And he likes sleeping with his big green ball and a truck in his bed, so he grabbed those a couple of times.

But for the past few days, he grabs the strangest things!  On Saturday he got his toothbrush to take to bed.  And yesterday he picked up an empty egg carton to take with him for his nap.

...an empty egg carton?  Really?

But the weirdness doesn't stop at his random objects.  After he's in bed, Gibson will roll around and kick the wall.  And then he gets out of bed to go get things from around his room to bring to his bed.  Sometimes he will take a pair of pants out of the dresser to snuggle, or get a stuffed animal.  Once he brought a canvas storage cube to his bed.  Weirdo.

Once he's ready to actually sleep, Gibson moves everything away from him and puts his pillow on his belly.  And then he sleeps under his pillow all night.  Blankets are OBVIOUSLY for losers!

Also, when I look at him in the baby monitor, he looks like he has a pillow for a body, with just a head and little feet sticking out.  SO CUTE.  But sometimes when he gets the pillow on his face I have to go pull it off, because that's dangerous, of course!

If you want your kids' bedtime to be just like Gibson's, go ahead and bring them over!  He'll teach them his ways.  And maybe he'll give them his empty egg carton to play with...he's a very generous toddler.
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy anniversary!

Hey guess what!

I've been married for FOUR YEARS today.  That's practically half my life!

*Not really.  Because then I would be 8 years old, and that might be a problem.

So, in the spirit of celebrating my spouse, I'm going to tell you a lot of things about him that will make you SO JEALOUS that he isn't your husband!  Ha!

1.  He's CUTE.

Enough said.

2.  He changes poopy diapers.  Honestly, he has probably changed more diapers over the course of Gibson's life than I have.  In fact, he changed ELEVEN diapers filled with meconium the day Gibson was born, since I couldn't get out of bed.

3.  He goes grocery shopping with Gibson so I can have some quiet when I've had a bad day.  I don't know if you have ever gone shopping with Gibson, but it's NOT FUN.

4.  He doesn't mind when my legs are hairy.  Thank goodness, because shaving is for losers, and I'm NOT a loser.

5.  He plays every instrument in the world.

6.  He's a GREAT teacher.  I can't wait for him to teach Gibson how to play every instrument in the world!

7.  He never smells bad, even after he cuts the grass.  Except he smells like grass, but no body odor, at least!

8.  Sometimes he smells bad when he farts, but he farts less than I do, so that's good.

9.  He's a SUPER FAST pooper.  Like, if there was a pooping olympics he would win.

10.  He likes dressing up for work, and will wear pretty much any shirt and tie combo I get him!  Even pink and purple!  And he looks good in them, so there you go.

11.  He takes care of Gibson in the morning while he gets ready for work and I stay in bed.  Best.  Ever.

12.  He watches Gilmore Girls and Grey's Anatomy with me.  And likes them.  A LOT.  Don't tell him I told you that, though.

13.  He does a lot of cleaning around the house, especially when I'm pregnant.  Also when I'm not pregnant.  Also he cooks sometimes.

I know you're all jealous that I get to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man.  And you SHOULD BE!  HA!

Happy anniversary, Danny!  I love you!!
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Monday, October 13, 2014

For the love of ball!

Gibson has loved a lot of things in his short life.  Some were short-lived loves (poor Marco the monkey!), but there are a few things that I'm pretty sure Gibson will love FOREVER.  Like Ellie, Daddy (duh), Pentatonix, cars, and especially balls.

Get your giggling out now, because I'm going to say the word "balls" a lot in this blog post.  GROW UP.

ANYWAY.  Now that we're past that bit of immaturity.  Gibson has an intense fascination with balls.  He loves throwing them, bouncing them, kicking them (ish), being hit in the face with them...if it has to do with balls, he loves it.

If you were wondering where every ball in the world is, you should take Gibson with you on your trips.  Because he will GLADLY tell you.  If there's a ball on tv, he runs over to me and makes me look, saying "BAW!  BAWWWW!!!"  The intro to Signing Time has a basketball, a baseball, and a football.  GIBSON LOVES THE OPENING TO SIGNING TIME.  More than ANYTHING ELSE.

Every circle is a "BAW!"  He loves to draw them..."BAW BAW BAWWWW!"  And actually, he does a pretty good job making a circle-ish shape when he draws a ball!  Like a smashed ball, I guess.  Or a really flat pancake.

This weekend Gibson learned what color one of his two favorite balls is!  He has a green ball and a blue ball that cost probably a dollar, and they're his FAVORITE toys right now.  Even though he has so many other toys that cost WAY MORE than a dollar.  Of course.  Anyway, I asked where his blue ball was, and he said, "Boo baw" and went to find it!!!!  So smart.  Also adorable.  Like, so adorable.

But he won't say green ball.  We're working on it.

Last Wednesday Gibson and I had a truly horrific day.  I cried a lot.  Gibson screamed a lot.  It was probably the worst day we've had since the newborn colic days...except now he weighs almost 30 pounds, so holding him while he screams is a lot more dangerous for me.  In any case, it was bad.  So when Danny got home he scooped Gibson up and took him to the car to go for a drive (God bless that man).  Gibson saw his green ball in the garage, and it made him SO HAPPY.  And apparently he yelled for his "BAW!" the entire time they were in Walmart.

It's good to know that a ball can make him happy when his mommy can't!  *sob sob*

Oh!  Also, he truly does like being hit in the face with his bouncy balls.  Danny bounces them off his forehead and it's THE FUNNIEST THING IN THE WORLD, according to Gibson.  Don't worry, it's safe.  And we don't throw baseballs at his head.  That would just be bad parenting.
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*sob sob sob*
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Baby #2 is perfectly healthy and very cute!

Baby #1 has hand foot and mouth disease (for possibly the second time in a month) and an ear infection.

Can you guess which one I love best right now?

Just kidding.  I love them both.  One is just trying my patience a lot more than the other.  He is also demanding that I hold him for the majority of the day, which means that blogging and other things (cleaning, showering, brushing my teeth) have fallen by the wayside.

So, I'm sorry that I haven't been around!  I'm sure that you've been pining for me...thanks for that!

If you would like to contract hand foot and mouth disease and also get screamed at a lot, feel free to come visit us!  Except I bet you don't want either of those things.  Darn.  What kind of friend are you, anyway?

Okay, that's all.  I'm going to go snuggle my wild-haired sicky.  And thank God several times that Baby #2 is still inside me where he/she cannot scream at me.
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Friday, October 3, 2014

No rest for the pregnant

So.  Pregnant sleep SUCKS.

It sucked last time, too, I just didn't have a fun blog on which to complain about it.

But for real, sleep is the worst these days.  These are the three sleep scenarios that have been plaguing me since this baby entered my uterus.

SCENARIO #1 (the least nefarious)
I go to bed exhausted.  I fall asleep fairly quickly, and sleep until 5:30.  I then wake up to pee, and never fall back asleep.  Which is sad, but not the worst thing in the world.

I go to bed exhausted.  I fall asleep fairly quickly, and then I startle myself awake at 2:30 because I have a scary ghost dream (or a dream about yoga pants zombies, of course).  I take a minute to settle myself down, go to the bathroom, and then flop back into bed.  And then I'm awake for two hours because my brain won't shut up, and I end up watching The Office until I finally fall asleep at 4:30.

I go to bed exhausted.  I lay there for an hour without falling asleep.  I realize that I'm hungry, so I get up and eat a snack.  Except on the way to the kitchen, I have the sudden urge to poop.  So I poop for thirty minutes (I have the slowest bowels ever), and then I get a snack.  While I'm eating my snack I watch tv and become WIDE AWAKE.  After my snack I realize that I'm nauseated, and start moaning to myself about how I hate being awake and nauseated.  I decide that maybe I'm nauseated because I need to eat more, so I eat yet another snack.  It works!  But now I'm even MORE wide awake.  So I go to the bathroom and then try and settle myself on the couch to try and sleep.  An hour later, I am still awake, and getting angry about it.  Finally, at 2:00 in the morning, I fall asleep.  I sleep badly because I'm on the couch.  At 6:00 I wake up and go to the bed.  Then I hear Gibson crying.  Oh good.  Danny goes to get Gibson and brings him to the bed to watch cartoons while he showers.  I lay there awake, cursing poor little Gibson.  When Danny gets out of the shower and is dressed, he takes Gibson to the living room and I start to fall asleep.  Then Gibson decides he misses me and runs into the bedroom shouting "MOM!  MOM!!  MOOOOOMMMM!  UP UP UP!"  And then he slams the door shut and begins to scream because he didn't want to be trapped in my room with me.  And then I wake up.  Very grumpy.

Would you like to know which scenario happened last night?  I'll give you a hint: I'm very grumpy today.

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