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Monday, October 20, 2014

Bedtime bliss

For the past month or so, putting Gibson to bed at night and for his naps has been the BEST.

No sarcasm.  It has literally been the best.

At some point, he learned to run to his room and put himself in bed when I say, "Gibson, are you ready for bed?"


For a long time, he would run to his room, get in bed, put his blanket on himself, and wait for me to put his pillow on top of him.  Then he got a kiss and said "BYE!"  And that was that.  He went to sleep.

But recently, he will shake his head no when I ask when he's ready for bed.  And then he finds a random object to take with him.

It's SO weird sometimes.

The first couple of times he grabbed his water and headed to bed.  That's normal.  And he likes sleeping with his big green ball and a truck in his bed, so he grabbed those a couple of times.

But for the past few days, he grabs the strangest things!  On Saturday he got his toothbrush to take to bed.  And yesterday he picked up an empty egg carton to take with him for his nap.

...an empty egg carton?  Really?

But the weirdness doesn't stop at his random objects.  After he's in bed, Gibson will roll around and kick the wall.  And then he gets out of bed to go get things from around his room to bring to his bed.  Sometimes he will take a pair of pants out of the dresser to snuggle, or get a stuffed animal.  Once he brought a canvas storage cube to his bed.  Weirdo.

Once he's ready to actually sleep, Gibson moves everything away from him and puts his pillow on his belly.  And then he sleeps under his pillow all night.  Blankets are OBVIOUSLY for losers!

Also, when I look at him in the baby monitor, he looks like he has a pillow for a body, with just a head and little feet sticking out.  SO CUTE.  But sometimes when he gets the pillow on his face I have to go pull it off, because that's dangerous, of course!

If you want your kids' bedtime to be just like Gibson's, go ahead and bring them over!  He'll teach them his ways.  And maybe he'll give them his empty egg carton to play with...he's a very generous toddler.
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  1. I love the toddler stage, SO fun the little quirky things that they do :)

  2. This is so cute! reminds me of when my 5year old wanted to sleep with her two huge stuffed Dora and SpongeBob! . She had to sleep with them all tucked in with her blanket and I had to kiss all three good night.


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