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Monday, October 13, 2014

For the love of ball!

Gibson has loved a lot of things in his short life.  Some were short-lived loves (poor Marco the monkey!), but there are a few things that I'm pretty sure Gibson will love FOREVER.  Like Ellie, Daddy (duh), Pentatonix, cars, and especially balls.

Get your giggling out now, because I'm going to say the word "balls" a lot in this blog post.  GROW UP.

ANYWAY.  Now that we're past that bit of immaturity.  Gibson has an intense fascination with balls.  He loves throwing them, bouncing them, kicking them (ish), being hit in the face with them...if it has to do with balls, he loves it.

If you were wondering where every ball in the world is, you should take Gibson with you on your trips.  Because he will GLADLY tell you.  If there's a ball on tv, he runs over to me and makes me look, saying "BAW!  BAWWWW!!!"  The intro to Signing Time has a basketball, a baseball, and a football.  GIBSON LOVES THE OPENING TO SIGNING TIME.  More than ANYTHING ELSE.

Every circle is a "BAW!"  He loves to draw them..."BAW BAW BAWWWW!"  And actually, he does a pretty good job making a circle-ish shape when he draws a ball!  Like a smashed ball, I guess.  Or a really flat pancake.

This weekend Gibson learned what color one of his two favorite balls is!  He has a green ball and a blue ball that cost probably a dollar, and they're his FAVORITE toys right now.  Even though he has so many other toys that cost WAY MORE than a dollar.  Of course.  Anyway, I asked where his blue ball was, and he said, "Boo baw" and went to find it!!!!  So smart.  Also adorable.  Like, so adorable.

But he won't say green ball.  We're working on it.

Last Wednesday Gibson and I had a truly horrific day.  I cried a lot.  Gibson screamed a lot.  It was probably the worst day we've had since the newborn colic days...except now he weighs almost 30 pounds, so holding him while he screams is a lot more dangerous for me.  In any case, it was bad.  So when Danny got home he scooped Gibson up and took him to the car to go for a drive (God bless that man).  Gibson saw his green ball in the garage, and it made him SO HAPPY.  And apparently he yelled for his "BAW!" the entire time they were in Walmart.

It's good to know that a ball can make him happy when his mommy can't!  *sob sob*

Oh!  Also, he truly does like being hit in the face with his bouncy balls.  Danny bounces them off his forehead and it's THE FUNNIEST THING IN THE WORLD, according to Gibson.  Don't worry, it's safe.  And we don't throw baseballs at his head.  That would just be bad parenting.
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*sob sob sob*
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