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Monday, November 3, 2014

Alphabet boy

When Gibson really loves something, he LOVES it.  A lot.  Hard.

...like his daddy and Ellie.  And not me.

And he is currently kissing his athlete's foot spray.  But will he kiss me???  NO.

...don't worry.  I'm over it.  Kind of.

No more sad GIFs, okay?  OKAY!

Anyway.  He recently LOVES the alphabet.  Like, a lot.  I'm not entirely sure why he loves it, but he really does.

For a few weeks, he has been pointing to the letters of the word "Welcome" on our welcome mat.  He waits for me to identify each letter, and then repeats what I say.

And then we were watching Jimmy Fallon, and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, of course!) was rapping "Alphabet Aerobics."  (Click the link to watch the video...it's amazing!)  In the background, Jimmy was holding up signs with each letter on it.  Gibson starting pointing excitedly at the screen yelling "OH!  OH!  OH!"

We couldn't figure out what he was doing...but then we realized that he was pointing out the letters.  And you don't even understand how excited he was.  He was the MOST excited.

...and also he thinks every letter is O.  Every once in awhile he sees an E.  But mostly he just thinks everything is O.  If we tell him what a letter is, he will repeat it back to us.  But then the next letter is O again.

So now he points out letters everywhere we go.  He's a toddler obsessed.  Books are no longer about the pictures or stories...they're about letters.  Going to the store means identifying the letters on every product we see.  And wearing a shirt with letters is just asking to be poked in the chest a million times while Gibson says "OH! OH! EEEEEE!"

I'm hoping this means that Gibson will be super into reading.  Or maybe he'll be an English teacher!

...or maybe he's 20 months old and just really likes the alphabet and it means nothing.  Who knows?
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  1. If you do phone/tablet games at all with him, endless alphabet is totally worth the $7 or whatever it is. Elijah knows all his letters and the sound they make from that app.

    1. We just bought it, and Gibson LOVES it! He, of course, especially loves words with "O" in them. :P

    2. "O" was the first letter Elijah got too. :)

  2. Very funny video! And don't worry about Gibson, I'm sure he will have great life decisions.


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