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Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas key!

So, we decided to put up our Christmas tree last night!


...get over it.

I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course.  KISSES!

Anyway.  We decided to put up our Christmas tree.  Last year Gibson wasn't super interested in the tree, so I was really interested in how he would react to it.

And it turns out that he LOVES IT.  He loved it from the moment he saw the branches make their way up the stairs.  He loves to touch it and point at it and yell "KEY GO!" when he sees it.

"Key" obviously means tree.  I don't know what the "go" part means.  He's weird.

But Gibson's favorite thing about the tree is that it's covered in balls.  He points at the tree and says "Key go!  A ball!  A ball!  A BALL!  A BAALLLLLLL!"

...and then he removes ornaments from the tree and runs around with them, yelling, "A BALL!  A BALL!  KEY GO!"

Except we don't want him to run around with the ornaments, so we've had quite a few tantrums about having to put the balls back on the tree.

Last night he was holding one of my favorite ornaments, and whacked it on something.  And it broke, of course.  We had this conversation:

Gibson: *screaming because his pretty ball broke*
Me: Uh oh, buddy!  It's broken!
Gibson: *screaming*
Me: It's sad that it broke, isn't it?  I'm sorry that it broke, but sometimes things break.
Gibson: Sowwy.  *sniffle sniffle*
Me: Yeah, I know you're sorry.  It's sad when things break, isn't it?
Gibson: I sad.  I sad.  A ball.  I sad.  ...BEADS!

...and then he was playing happily with his bead maze.


I was floored that he didn't scream for longer than a minute or two.  Usually things like that incite a tantrum unlike anything you've ever, ever heard.  Also, he has never told me that he was sad before.

Apparently having a Christmas tree in the living room is causing Gibson to grow up and not scream for hours on end when things don't go his way!

...if that's not a great reason to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, I don't know what is!
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