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Friday, November 7, 2014

I love tubes.

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So, I mentioned at some point that Gibson was getting tubes put in his ears.  He did that last Thursday!

And I would just like to officially declare that I LOVE TUBES.

Love.  So.  Much.

Before his tube surgery, Gibson spent a seriously huge portion of his day crying.  And watching tv, because that was literally the only thing I could do to keep him from screaming a lot of the time.  I felt awful because I couldn't handle doing activities with him...he would be happy for a few minutes and then start screaming his head off for an hour.

The past few months have been super hard.  Which is part of the reason that I haven't been blogging much (besides the fact that I'm hormonal and exhausted).  Screaming toddlers and loud children's television shows do not make for a good writing environment.  Or good material about which to write.

But the past week has been INCREDIBLE.  I mean, he still has toddler tantrums, and he's still a turdbucket.  A lot of the time.

But he's also HAPPY a lot of the time.

Do you even understand how weird it is for me to have a mostly happy kid?  He was happy sometimes before (especially when Danny was around!), but most of our days were spent being sad or mad.  The happy lasted for very short periods of time.

And now happy takes up most of our day!  We have stopped watching so much tv (thank goodness), we sing songs and run around, he plays quietly BY HIMSELF while I get things done...it's incredible.

Just a few minutes ago, I pooped and he was happy to play and run around without the tv on.  WHO EVEN IS THIS CHILD???

And right at this very second, he is playing with a bead maze (that was intended as a Christmas present...oops) while I blog.  He's not tugging on my hand or screaming in my face or terrorizing the dog.  He's content.  WOAH.

Needless to say, tubes obviously worked for us.  We have far fewer mood swings, and Gibson is obviously not in pain anymore.  YAY TUBES!!

Also he tore up a roll of toilet paper all over the living room this morning while I was cleaning the kitchen.  But that's okay.  He was happy while he was doing it.  And then he helped me put the toilet paper in a trash bag...as slowly as possible.  It would have been at least 57 times faster for me to do it myself.  Oh well.  At least he helped instead of screaming at me!  Progress!!
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