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Friday, November 14, 2014

This kiss, this kiss!

Once upon a time, Gibson was all about kissing his mommy.  He would lean in to kiss me every time I was within a foot of his face.  Which is a lot.  Because his face is SO CUTE and I can't even stand being farther than 12 inches from it!

But at some point he decided kisses were NO GOOD!  And he stopped completely.  It made me sad.

Luckily he can't keep me from kissing those sweet cheeks!  MUAH!

Recently, he decided that kisses were okay with him again.  Except, instead of kissing me with his mouth, he would plant his forehead on my mouth as hard as possible and push his head into my mouth for thirty seconds.

...toddlers are weird.  But hey, if he's showing affection, I'll take it!

And then he decided that forehead kisses were NO GOOD!  So when I asked for a kiss, he would make me kiss whatever he was holding.  Usually it was a car.  Sometimes a cup of water.

In case you wondered, it's the funniest thing in the ENTIRE WORLD when your mommy kisses the inanimate object in your hand!  HAHAHAHAHA!

So that's what we've been dealing with lately.  No kisses at all for his mommy.  It's sad.

But this morning, Danny kissed me goodbye before he left for work.  And Gibson saw it and ran over to me with his lips puckered and KISSED ME WITH HIS MOUTH!


...still am, in fact.  Even though he keeps screaming at me for no reason.  I WILL NOT FORGET THAT KISS!
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