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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Communication is key

Recently, Gibson has started asking for the things that he wants instead of shrieking at me and making me follow him all over the world to stare at kitchen cabinets.

We're all VERY happy about this development.  VERY VERY HAPPY.

Because with his burgeoning communication skills comes a happier toddler.  HE'S HAPPY.

...most of the time.  I mean, he's still Gibson.

Anyway.  Gibson and I have the following conversation roughly 27 times between 7:00 and 4:00 every day:

Gibson: Need more!
Me: More what?
Gibson: More!  Need more!  PLEEEEEEEASE!
Me: Okay, buddy, what do you need more of?
Gibson: More!  Snack!  Need snack!
Me: I can get you a snack!

And then I get him crackers, and all is right with the world.

Crackers can solve pretty much all of the world's problems, as it turns out.  Except sometimes he doesn't *really* want crackers, and he gives two-thirds of them to Ellie.  Then we have this conversation:

Me: Gibson, if you keep giving Ellie your crackers they'll be all gone.  And you're not getting any more.  No more crackers, okay?
Gibson: KAY!
Me: You eat your crackers, okay?
Gibson: KAY!  *Eats one cracker, and then keeps giving crackers to Ellie*
Me: Alright, but you aren't getting any more crackers when those are all gone.
Gibson: *feeds Ellie the last cracker* NEED MORE!  CRACKER!  PLEASE!  NEED MORE!
Me: No, you're all done.  You gave Ellie your crackers, so you're all done.
Me: Nope, you're all done.
Gibson: *tantrum*

So...communication doesn't always work in toddlerland.  Oh well.

But yesterday he was freaking out about something, and he was able to express what he needed to me!  It was wonderful.

Gibson: *freaking out* CAR! CAR! CAR!
Me: What's wrong, buddy?
Gibson: NEED MORE!
Me: More what?
Me: What do you need help with?
Gibson: CAR!  HELP!  PLEASE!  *points behind the tv stand*

It turns out that he has eagle eyes, and was able to see a tiny car in the far corner behind the tv stand.  Because he asked so nicely, I got it for him.  Except in order to get him the car, I had to move the tv and then try not to impale my humongous belly on the corner of the tv stand while I leaned over to get it.  It was a very precarious situation.

I succeeded, in case you wondered.  No belly impaling happened at all.  And Gibson said "Thank you!" when I handed him his car...without being prompted.  He's so polite.  Sometimes.

My favorite new thing that Gibson does when we have conversations is answer questions with "Sure!" instead of yeah or no.  Last night we were at Danny's band concert and had this conversation:

Gibson: Need more!  Need snack!  Cracker!
Me: You can have a snack, but maybe not crackers.  Do you want a banana?
Gibson: SURE!

It's really stinking adorable.  And it's a nice change from hearing "NO!" as the answer to every single question I ask him.

So yeah, I would say that we're all pretty pleased with the arrival of communication skills.  Now if we could just teach Ellie to tell us when she needed to go outside instead of barking her fool head off, we would obviously be the happiest family in the world!
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