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Thursday, December 17, 2015


...it's me.

Like not blogging for two months.  Oops.

Also, are you tired of Adele yet?  Yes?

THEN YOU'RE A MONSTER.  Adele is a treasure.

Okay, the end.  HI!  I'm back!  I kept thinking, "OH!  I should blog today!"  And then my children would scream, and I would think, "NOPE GONNA CRY INSTEAD."

...but for real.  The past few weeks have been BAD.  Because, between my two gorgeous children, we have three nasty ear infections and at least one tooth coming.  So my life has been spent listening to shrieking, trying (in vain) to get tiny humans to sleep, and shoveling medication into little mouths.

But let's talk about the past two months, okay?

Gibson had oral surgery to remove his little fused teeth.  There was a teensy crack between them, and they became abscessed.  Poor dude.  But now he looks like a first grader, which is adorable!  And also sad, because he's only 33 months old.  ;)

He also decided to be potty trained!  It was amazing...he was just ready one day.  We are now 100% diaper-free, even at night.  The problem is that when he has to go potty during the night, he's an ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE TERROR.  Not joking.  It involves a lot of shrieking (from him, not us), pleading (from us, not him), and silent weeping (that would be me).  And then he lays in bed awake for at least an hour...although the other night he was up for ALMOST THREE HOURS.  And then got up at his normal time.

Uggghhhhhh.  He's so incredibly overtired.

Georgie is 9 months old!!  She's getting big, weighing in at 19 pounds 11 ounces, and she's still super tall at 28.75 inches.  So she's slightly taller than Gibson was at 9 months, but 2.5 pounds lighter.  He's such a meatball. <3

Georgia can army crawl, and has crawled on her hands and knees a tiny bit the past couple of days.  She's an AMAZING eater...nothing like Gibson was at this age, praise the Lord.  If you put food in front of Georgie, she shovels it down.  No matter what it is.  Even if it's a dog turd.  She would definitely eat it.

Speaking of eating everything, I now know what it's like to have a child who puts literally every single thing in her mouth.  When he was tiny, Gibson would find a coin on the floor and hand it to me.  Georgie finds it and puts it in her mouth like a ninja.  It's exhausting.  I can vacuum five times a day, and she still finds invisible sticks to chew on.

I started an Etsy shop for digital chalkboard art!  It's pretty fun...I really love making them!

Danny only has 1.5 days left until Christmas break!  YAHOO!  I'm so excited.  I'm not sure whether I've ever been so excited for him to have a break...these kids have been crazy lately!

Gibson has been ridiculously adorable (in between tantrums, of course) lately!  I'll have to make a post about things he's been saying.  He's just like a tiny adult!  Ugh.  Time is moving quite quickly.  Some recent gems include:
-Singing Daniel Tiger songs in Ellie's "voice"
-This morning, Georgie was crying and he said, "Georgie, SHHH!  Use a gentle voice!  Use your words!  You have to ask me, not scream."
-I told him he could flush the toilet, and he said, "Okie dokie mommy!"
-One day I called him "babe," and he said, "I not babe, I'm Giffon!  Daddy is babe!"

So now you're mostly caught up on my life!  I think.  I probably forgot something super big and important, but you'll get over it.

Now, since you read all of that (you did, didn't you?), here are some photos of some beautiful people!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

That's so Gibson

Recently, Gibson's favorite thing is to describe objects using adjectives.

So, he'll bring me his pillow and say, "Look mommy, I have my pillow!  It's so white."

Or, "My box is so brown."

"This chair is so big."

He's learning about adjectives!  Hooray!

...except he doesn't really know about adjectives.  Because for the past two days, he uses nouns as adjectives.  Like:

"It's Georgie!  She's so baby."

"Ellie is so doggy."

"Mommy, you're so mommy."

"This paper is so paper!"

I don't know about you, but I'm going to start using nouns as adjectives!  It's pretty much the cooliest thing.

This blog post is so words.

Your face is so smile.

My shirt is so fabric.

Her purse is so bag.

See?  We could start a trend!  This trend is so trend.

The end.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Gibson=Weird Al

Lately, Gibson has been changing the words to Daniel Tiger songs, and it's hilarious.

First of all: Daniel Tiger is the bomb.  The songs from that show have been SUPER helpful lately...especially the song about being mad, and the one about solving problems yourself.

He has changed the words to both of those songs, and I think they're even better now!

The other day, Gibson didn't want to leave his fork on the table like I asked, so he dropped it on the floor.  I told him that he needed to pick it up, and he started to sing the mad song.

The lyrics go: When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath *breathe heavily* and count to four!  One, two, three, four.

Gibson's version went:

When you feel so DROP that you want to DROP take a deep DROP *breathe heavily* and count to DROP.  One, two, three, DROP.

He sang it over and over and over and over and over and over and over.  Because he dropped his fork.

Just now, he was sitting at the table reading a book.  While reading the book, he started to sing the "solve a problem" song, which usually goes:

Try to solve a problem yourself, and you'll feel prou-ou-ou-oud!

Gibson's story went:

Once upon a time, there was a dog.  Old MacDonald had a FARMDOG.  EIEIO!  Try to DROP A DOG yourself and you'll feel PROOOOOOOOOUD drop a dog yourself and you'll feel PROOOOOOOOUD.

Um.  What?

At least the other drop song made a little bit of sense.  Kind of.  Not really.  But he had just dropped something, so I can see why he sang about it.  But dropping a dog?  What?

Maybe there was a dog in his book.  I'm not entirely sure.  It was very, very strange.

Do you guys think he'll be the next Weird Al?  Like, a Weird Al for toddlers who love Daniel Tiger!  That would be perfect!  Is there a market for that?

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Big Yucky

Gibson and I had an eventful morning.  I'll tell you all about it!


This is a poop story.


I was about to get Georgia up, and Gibson said, "Mommy, I pooped!"  So, like a good mom who values her sense of smell, I changed his diaper.  As far as poop goes, it was a pretty easy diaper.  Not very smushy, which is always good.

I went to get Georgie, and on my way I asked Gibson to throw his diaper away, because that's his job.

I came back, and the diaper was still on the floor.  So I asked him to throw it away again.  He said, "Okay, mommy!"  And bounced off toward the pantry with his diaper.

Gibson came back in the living room and said, "I threw the diaper away!  What's on my finger?"

So I looked at his finger, and there was a little speck on it that I assumed had come from the trash can.  Because sometimes he likes to go through the trash when he throws diapers away.

*Side story: Yesterday, Gibson found a maternity compression stocking box in my bedroom and played with it for awhile.  Weirdo.  It was his "box and ticket" (the ticket was the paper inside the box).  At nap time, I threw them away.  The next time he threw a diaper away, he found the box and ticket and took them out and glared at me like I had thrown away his favorite toy.  /end side story

He wiped the speck off his finger, and I thought nothing of it.

Then he disappeared into the kitchen again, and came running back yelling, "MOMMY, WHAT IS IT!  IT'S A BIG YUCKY!  THERE'S A BIG YUCKY!  MOMMY, IT'S A BIG YUCKY ON A FLOOR!"

So I went with him to the kitchen to find the big yucky.  He led me to the pantry where, you guessed it, there was a hunk of poop on the floor.

I finished feeding Georgie while Gibson continued telling me about the big yucky on the floor.  "It's a big yucky!  Don't touch it, Diffon!  It's yucky!  My hands are yucky!  I touched a big yucky!"

...it was at that moment that I realized he had poop on his hands.  Awesome.

I picked up the big yucky, threw it in the toilet, and tried to wash Gibson's hands.  Usually I use a foam wash that doesn't need to be rinsed when I wash his hands, because that's way easier than hovering him over the sink while he splashes in the water.  But I figured that wouldn't work for the poop, so we did a traditional hand washing.  Which involved a lot of soap on his shirt.  And mine.  And the counter.  And then water got everywhere.

But don't worry, Gibson was DELIGHTED to be washing the big yucky off his hands!

...the end.

I'm sorry for all the poop talk.  But YOU'RE WELCOME for the lack of pictures!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Refinishing a rusty file cabinet

Remember when we turned our front closet into an office?

...I hope you do, because I posted about it literally yesterday.

Well, this is the post about our file cabinet that I promised!  I'm sure you've been waiting with bated breath...so here it is!

We bought this rusty file cabinet for $35 from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

I obviously didn't want to put this ugly thing in my beautiful office, so we made it so pretty!

First, we sanded down the cabinet using 3M emery cloth.  We used the coarse cloth first, and then the fine one.  After the rust was sanded down and everything was roughed up, I wiped it down with a damp cloth to get rid of all the nasty dust.  YUCK.

Next, I primed the cabinet with Rust-Oleum Universal Bonding Primer.  Unfortunately, I held the can too far from the cabinet, and the primer went on all gritty and dusty.  Oops.  The actual spray paint covered that up, luckily.

After the primer dried, we started in on the paint!  We used Rust-Oleum Gloss Protective Enamel in white.

It took three-ish coats of spray paint to get everything pretty.  This time, I held the can closer to the file cabinet like I was supposed to, and it turned out really nicely!

For the drawer fronts, I sanded, primed, and did one coat of spray paint.  Then I put contact paper on them to make them so pretty!  Putting contact paper on file cabinet drawers is approximately five gajillion times easier than putting it on a refrigerator.  It was almost enjoyable!  I'm thinking about starting a business where I just put contact paper on file cabinet drawers all day.  People would pay for that, right?

We were going to buy new drawer pulls, but then we decided to just spray paint the old ones to save some money.  We already had oil rubbed bronze spray paint from our kitchen knobs, so we had to spend ZERO DOLLARS on drawer pulls!  Woo hoo!

And that's it!  It was a pretty easy project...I was worried that it would take a long time or be really hard, but I WAS WRONG.  Thank goodness.

Now go make your file cabinet beautiful!  DO IT NOW!

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Monday, July 27, 2015

DIY Closet Office!

Once upon a time, I love our house.

...the end.

Just kidding.  You only wish I were that short-winded!  Ha!

So anyway, I love our house.  And I was telling my mom about how I love it, but I wish there was a place for our computer/printer/an office that isn't our bedroom.  And she was like, "What if you put a desk in your front closet?"

I mean, really.  WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?  Because for real, our front closet wasn't being used for anything except a boatload of crap.

See?  A boatload.  It's embarrassing.

We got home from my parents' house and went straight to work on the closet!  We emptied it out, removed the really nice closet system (which we kept in case we ever sell our house), took the doors off (we kept those, too), and started to make a plan!

The next day, we worked without ceasing.  I mean, we also took care of the kids.  But at least one of us was working at all times.

Danny installed a new electrical outlet in the closet, since there wasn't one.  I can't tell you exactly how he did it, but he went through Georgia's bedroom wall to do it, and connected it to the outlet in there.  He's basically the greatest.

While he was installing the outlet, I painted the inside of the closet!  We chose to use the kitchen color, which is Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue.  THE PERFECT PAINT COLOR.  I almost wish our entire house was Palladian Blue.  Even the carpet.  That's how much I love it.

Then it was time to build things!  We were going to get plywood for the desk top, but I had a GENIUS IDEA: to buy a 4-foot hunk of laminate countertop.  It was significantly cheaper (only $20!), looks good, and we don't have to paint/stain/sand it.

Obviously I inherited my mom's genius skillz.

So Danny built the desk!  And it's gorgeous and perfect and I love it.  He also built two long shelves above the desk.  Which are also perfect, and were a pain in the butt to paint.  But I did it anyway!

In 24 hours, we accomplished all of that.  Because we have mad DIY skillz.  And also because if we don't do things quickly, they never ever ever get finished.

We also bought some fun things for storage!  Hobby Lobby has these great photo storage boxes for $4, and I prettied them up with some scrapbook paper.  The magazine holders are from IKEA (I bought them on Amazon), and I added scrapbook paper to them, too!  My green pencil cup is from Amazon, and I LOVE IT.  The tubs on the top shelf (that you can barely see) were $5 at TJ Maxx.

When we built the desk, we left space to the right of it for a four-drawer file cabinet.  The problem is, file cabinets are EXPENSIVE.  And I don't like paying a million (or 170) dollars for file cabinets.  We found some on Craigslist for cheap, but they were all way too deep for our closet.

So when we were out of town this weekend, we went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and found a great file cabinet for $35!  Yay!  It was an ugly tan color and pretty rusty, but we were planning on refinishing it, so that was fine.

And now it's finished!  We got home from being out of town and started working on the cabinet almost immediately...it ended up being a super fast project.  It's so beautiful!  I'll write a separate blog post about how we did it.  :)

With the file cabinet, the office is pretty much finished!  We still need to hang a paper organizer (to the left of the desk where it won't really be seen), and put files in the file cabinet.  It's been so nice to have a place for the computer that isn't in the way, and to have all of our random office supplies organized!  Gibson's art supplies are in one place, and I always know where my scissors/tape/pens/important papers are!  I feel like such an adult!

So there you go!  I would do a cost breakdown for you, but I just have no clue.  We used a few things that we already had, like paint and some of the wood.  It didn't end up being very expensive at all!  Hooray!  That's my favorite thing!

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Georgie is four months old!

My sweet tiny newborn Georgia will be four months old tomorrow!


Let's start with some lists, why don't we?

Georgia likes:
-Gibson, sometimes
-Fart noises
-Staring at the back of my phone
-Being swaddled
-Playing "Super Georgia," a game in which I make her fly through the air until she vomits down my bra
-Standing up
-Her activity gym

Georgia dislikes:
-Gibson, sometimes
-Being tired
-Being hungry

All in all, Georgie is a pretty happy little lady!  As long as we get her swaddled and ready to sleep before she gets overtired, and feed her as soon as she wakes up, life is pretty good.  Also as long as no one whacks her in the head with a toy (*coughcough* GIBSON).

I can see where a tooth is making its very, very slow entrance into Georgia's mouth...and I wish it would hurry up, because she's an AWFUL TEETHER.  Like, worse than Gibson was, so far.

Someone send help.  And donuts.

Georgie has this scream/squeal that makes her sound like a distressed piglet.  It's awful.  Her scream could probably be used as a form of torture.

But also she's laughing now, which is awesome!  She mostly laughs for Danny, of course, which I expected.  Because Gibson also laughed for him more!  Turd babies.

At her last appointment, Georgia weighed 13 pounds 6 ounces (fully clothed) and was 25 inches long.  She's still wearing 0-3 month clothes for the most part, although she now needs 9 month sleepers because she's too long for the 6 month ones.  She's a tall girl!

And since she is currently doing her pig squeal (help me, Jesus), I'm going to conclude this blog post and go relieve Danny so he doesn't go insane.  Because for real.  It's torturous.

But before I go, here are some pictures of my sweet four month old girl!  You will notice that she's not particularly happy in any of them...that's because she's a turd.  And when I get my camera out, she pretty much just looks concerned.  Oh well.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Drive-by blogging

Oh hello, blog!  How you doin'?

I have approximately no minutes before a child wakes up from their nap.  So I'm going to make this FAST AND RANDOM AND SENSELESS.  Because who even knows how long I have!

Georgie is almost four months old!  I know.  Time, man.  It goes by fast.  She's 13.5ish pounds and 25 inches long.  She loves to scream and sleep...and drool a lot.  Because TEETH ARE COMING.  Darn it.  I don't want them.  Also she sleeps through the night like a champion!  13 hours is her norm.  I love her best.

Gibson is almost two years and four months old!  I know.  Time, man.  It goes by fast.  He's really really heavy and pretty tall.  He loves to scream and eat sausage...and scream some more.  Because HE'S TWO YEARS OLD.  Darn it.  I don't like two years old.  He sleeps, but not like a champion. 5:30 is his norm wake time.  I love him best, too.

Good update, right?

...no kids are awake yet.  So I'll continue.

Gibson is hilarious, per usual.  This past weekend we went to Danny's family farm and Gibson had a BLAST.  He rode four wheelers and threw sticks and got a tick.  Ew.  Also, he was trying to blow bubbles and was failing, so Danny told him to aim.  He put the bubble wand up to his mouth and yelled, "AIM!  AIM!  AIM!"  Needless to say, no bubbles resulted from that.

Georgia has started laughing, which is the BEST.  She was a perfect angel at the farm this weekend, and now that we're home has decided to NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT.  She has spent LITERALLY the entire day either sleeping or shrieking/drooling/pooping.  Except for maybe five minutes of cuteness.

...still asleep.  Good.

Danny is home for the summer, which has been super great because he lets me sleep in every single morning.  What a catch, right?  Also he built Ellie an end table/crate to give her a place to get away from Gibson the terrible.

I've been walking on the treadmill like a good girl.  And I have incentive to keep doing it...while I walk, Danny cleans the house!  BOOM.  He's the perfect man, obviously.

Coffee is my favorite friend these days.

I'm rereading The Hunger Games again.

My back hurts.

I love bread.



I am the champion.


...Gibson woke up literally as I typed "bye."  I really am the champion!
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gibson is two!

Don't worry, I'm back!  It's only been, what...three months?  Oops.  Sorry about that.

But here's the thing.  Gibson has been VERY DEMANDING lately.  And his sister is EQUALLY DEMANDING.  I mean, really, you would think they could take care of themselves for awhile while I blog, right?  Jeez.

In addition to being needed by my children, I'm also the mommy of a two-year-old!  Let's talk about him, okay?  Because he is literally the most fantastic two-year-old I've ever met.

How about we just jump in with some lists?  You know how I love lists!

Things he says:

-It's okay, Georgie!  Don't be crying!
-Nice a meet you! (while shaking our hands)
-Hi, I'm Diffon (Gibson).  This is my mommy.  Say hi, mommy!
-Uh oh, I'm dropping things!
-IT MINE'S.  (Literally everything is his.  "It mine's mommy's phone!  It mine's couch!  It mine's Ellie's tail!")
-Wanna watch a moofie (movie) GWEASE (please)!

One of my favorite things is when Gibson sings, "You can take a turn, then I'll get it back!" when he wants to have a turn with something that doesn't belong to him.  He will never give anyone else a turn with his things, but if he wants to use my phone it's very important that I give him a turn.  Because Daniel Tiger said so.  Such a turd.

Random things Gibson knows:
-Most of the shapes, including semi-circle, diamond, trapezoid, and octagon
-The letters and what sound they make
-Numbers through 20
-The parts of an airplane (wings, wheels, engines, pilot)
-Some of the planets: Venus, Mars, Earth, and Saturn
-All about mail.  He knows about the envelope, stamp, address, and that it all goes in a mailbox where the mail truck comes to pick it up
-How to calm Georgia down.  "Uh oh, baby sad!  Need a diaper.  Need a bottle.  Need a bat-eh-sire (pacifier). WAH WAH!"

Gibson's new skills:
-Laying down when I need to change his diaper instead of running around the dining room table while screaming.
-Holding our hand while we walk into a store.  "I hold daddy hand!  I hold a hand!"
-How to follow directions.  He retrieves MANY things for me...diapers, pacifiers, remote controls, my phone, my water bottle...
-How to navigate our phones and iPads.  His favorite is the white noise app on Danny's phone, which has a fire sound.  "Mommy, see a sire (fire)?  It hot!  See?  See a sire?  Hot sire!  WHERE SIRE GO?  Oh, there is!"
-How to talk on the phone.  He talks to Scout on his toy cell phone.  Their conversations go: "Hello? Who is? Oh hi Scout! Where are you? Ok, I be right back."
-Eating with utensils when he wants to, which is never.
-Cleaning up his messes.  "Uh oh, I make a mess!  I need a paper towel GWEASE."

Things Gibson loves:
-Pulling Ellie's tail and ears.  We're working on it.
-The "hug game."  I sit on his letter mat and he runs at me and I hug him.  It's my favorite!
-Singing.  He especially likes Daniel Tiger songs and "Let it Go."
-Screaming really, really loudly.
-Airplanes.  If he misplaces a toy airplane, he will turn other objects into one...fingernail clippers, Ellie's toys, his hand.  He can make a plane out of ANYTHING.
-Frogs...especially green ones
-Binoculars (noc-lars, in Gibson language)
-Going outside
-Going to the store ("I go a supermarket!")
-Fixing things ("Uh oh, it brokened! I six it!")

Gibson is still the pickiest eater known to man, although he has been trying new things every once in awhile!  It gives me hope.  He's really just a stubborn little guy, and likes to have control.

...I wonder where he got that?

Sleep is pretty great.  He goes to bed at 8ish, wakes up at 6:30, and then naps for two or three hours in the afternoon.  And he generally runs to his room when we ask him to, or sometimes he even initiates nap/bed time.  We tuck him in, making sure to always put his white pillow on top of him (because he's weird), give him a kiss, and leave.  And he sleeps.  It's wonderful.

So far, two has been super fun and also really hard.  Gibson is more defiant and stubborn these days, but he's also more affectionate.  He's independent, but at the same time wants us to help him with everything.  I'm excited to see how the rest of the year goes!

And as a gift for not being around at all recently, here are some photos of both of my gorgeous children!  

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Georgia on my mind

So, I was right.  I didn't blog for so long.  AND NOW I HAVE A BABY!

I'm sorry for leaving you for so long.  But as it turns out, the end of pregnancy turns me into Super Hermit.  I'm cranky, tired, sore, huge, irritable, and just pretty anti-social.  Blogging didn't sound like a whole lot of fun to me...nap time was for NAPPING, people!

But now I'll tell you all about my sweet new baby, okay?  Because I'm no longer irritable and cranky!

...Danny might disagree.  Don't listen to him, okay?

On March 6 at 12:13 pm, we welcomed Georgia Lucille into our family!  She is absolute perfection.  Also she's TINY.  7 pounds 11 ounces and 20.5 inches long.  When Danny told me how much she weighed I was like, "Wait, what does 7 11 mean?  That can't be her weight, right?  Where's my 14 pound baby????"

Apparently catching my late onset gestational diabetes (never blogged about that!  I'm the worst) and going on a lower carb diet made her not be huge.

We had exactly zero newborn diapers and very few newborn clothing options, because Gibson was just so enormous.  I would put her in bigger sizes, except they're just way way too big!  Luckily we have lovely parents and friends who helped out with that!

Gibson isn't super sure what to think of his little sister.  When she cries he either gets really concerned and asks, "Okay, baby?  Okay?  Baby!  Okay?"  Or he laughs hysterically and yells "WAH WAH WAH!" when she stops crying to try and make her start again.

...I much prefer the first reaction.

Today Danny took Gibson to the store, and on the way home he was asking, "Mommy?  Ellie?  Georgia?"  So apparently he likes her.  And also me!  YAY!

So far Georgia is just the sweetest little thing.  She doesn't cry a whole lot, and when she does she is easily calmed down.  This newborn experience has been 100% different from Gibson's...as much as I obviously love him, he was NOT a fun newborn.  At all.

The only complaint I have is that sweet little Georgia takes after me in the digestive department.  She poops CONSTANTLY.  Way, way more than Gibson did.  It's like there is poop coming out of her at all times.  And her poor skin is really paying the price for all that poop.  Her little bum is looking VERY bad.  So we're using water and washcloths instead of wipes, and slathering her with all kinds of fun things to try and help!  Gibson never had diaper rash of any kind when he was this little...this is new territory for me, and it makes me so sad!

And now for some photographic proof of our new sweet baby!  Be warned: she's really flipping adorable.  Like, ridiculously so.


So there you go!  My newest wonderful squishy baby!  We love her a lot and you should, too!

And now that I'm not a baby-growing hermit, maybe I'll blog more often!  Gibson's two year blog post is coming soon...and he's the cutest toddler in the entire world, so you need to be prepared to be blown away by adorable things.  Like when he calls Georgia "Sugar."  SO.  CUTE.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A month? REALLY?

So, I'm trying this new thing where I only blog once a month! HOORAY!

Just kidding.  This isn't something I'm doing on purpose.  Between Gibson and the little baby in my uterus and the holidays, I just haven't had the time and/or energy to do much of anything besides lay on the couch and cry and watch tv.

...it's more the energy thing than the time thing.  I have time to do things.  I just have no energy with which to do them.


I don't even know where to start, honestly.  Probably you're curious about Gibson, because he's kind of the greatest kid in the world.  So I'll tell you all about what he knows these days!  This is a braggy post.  Get over it.

Gibson can identify almost every letter of the alphabet and tell you the sound they make.  Which is adorable.  "B!  Buh buh!  F!  Fuh fuh!  M!  Muh!"  He has trouble with N (he calls it M), X (looks too much like K), and D (he says B).  But other than that he has it down!

Also he likes to sit in the car and say the alphabet...except he only knows the very end.  So he'll say "R! O! A! B! WXYZ! O! G! B! P! M! WXYZ!"  We hear "WXYZ" a LOT.

He can also count to twenty!  I didn't realize that he had picked up on the numbers past 10 until one day he was like "17, 18, 19, twoteen!"  He can also identify the numbers when they're written down.  But he can't count actual objects...he just says random numbers and then announces how many there are.  It's completely arbitrary.  "1, 4, 5, 1, 3!  THREE CIRCLES!"

Gibson also loves colors.  Purple and pink are interchangeable right now, and so are brown and black.  He LOVES pointing out colors.  If you ever need to know what color something is, just let me know and I'll let you borrow him for an hour or two.  He's a very helpful color-knower.

Shapes are another love right now.  He especially loves circles, but triangles and squares are also pretty awesome.  Hearts and stars used to be his favorites, but they've taken a backseat to "SEW-COHS!"  I am forced asked to draw them approximately 1,254 times a day.

The other day we were listening to Pandora, and One Republic's "Apologize" came on.  During the chorus, this is what I heard:

One Republic: It's too late to apologiiiiiiiiize.
Gibson: SORRY!
OR: It's too laaaaaaaaaate.

When Danny got home he said, "Gibson, what does apologize mean?" And Gibson said, "I sorry!"


Also, in case you wondered, getting him to apologize to me is like pulling teeth.  But he will readily say "SORRY DADDY!" or "SORRY ELLIE!"

He's a turd.

But he's a turd who constantly surprises me with what he knows!  I can't even believe how much Gibson has learned recently...it's so much fun!

Also he'll be two in less than two months.

Which means that I'll have a baby in less than two months.


Also my uterus is huge, in case you were wondering.  This child might very well take after his/her big brother in the size department.  In which case I'll be a house in approximately one month.

If I keep up with blogging the way I have been, I may not be back until the baby is born.  But we'll all pray that I get back here sooner than that, okay?  Because I've missed youse guys!  I hope you're staying warm and not dealing with sickness and all of that!  LOVE YOU BYE!

...except before I officially say goodbye, I'll remind you to click the pink banner below to vote for my blog!  I'm definitely not anywhere near the top anymore, but getting votes makes the baby smile!  And also kick my bladder!

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