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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Georgia on my mind

So, I was right.  I didn't blog for so long.  AND NOW I HAVE A BABY!

I'm sorry for leaving you for so long.  But as it turns out, the end of pregnancy turns me into Super Hermit.  I'm cranky, tired, sore, huge, irritable, and just pretty anti-social.  Blogging didn't sound like a whole lot of fun to me...nap time was for NAPPING, people!

But now I'll tell you all about my sweet new baby, okay?  Because I'm no longer irritable and cranky!

...Danny might disagree.  Don't listen to him, okay?

On March 6 at 12:13 pm, we welcomed Georgia Lucille into our family!  She is absolute perfection.  Also she's TINY.  7 pounds 11 ounces and 20.5 inches long.  When Danny told me how much she weighed I was like, "Wait, what does 7 11 mean?  That can't be her weight, right?  Where's my 14 pound baby????"

Apparently catching my late onset gestational diabetes (never blogged about that!  I'm the worst) and going on a lower carb diet made her not be huge.

We had exactly zero newborn diapers and very few newborn clothing options, because Gibson was just so enormous.  I would put her in bigger sizes, except they're just way way too big!  Luckily we have lovely parents and friends who helped out with that!

Gibson isn't super sure what to think of his little sister.  When she cries he either gets really concerned and asks, "Okay, baby?  Okay?  Baby!  Okay?"  Or he laughs hysterically and yells "WAH WAH WAH!" when she stops crying to try and make her start again.

...I much prefer the first reaction.

Today Danny took Gibson to the store, and on the way home he was asking, "Mommy?  Ellie?  Georgia?"  So apparently he likes her.  And also me!  YAY!

So far Georgia is just the sweetest little thing.  She doesn't cry a whole lot, and when she does she is easily calmed down.  This newborn experience has been 100% different from Gibson's...as much as I obviously love him, he was NOT a fun newborn.  At all.

The only complaint I have is that sweet little Georgia takes after me in the digestive department.  She poops CONSTANTLY.  Way, way more than Gibson did.  It's like there is poop coming out of her at all times.  And her poor skin is really paying the price for all that poop.  Her little bum is looking VERY bad.  So we're using water and washcloths instead of wipes, and slathering her with all kinds of fun things to try and help!  Gibson never had diaper rash of any kind when he was this little...this is new territory for me, and it makes me so sad!

And now for some photographic proof of our new sweet baby!  Be warned: she's really flipping adorable.  Like, ridiculously so.


So there you go!  My newest wonderful squishy baby!  We love her a lot and you should, too!

And now that I'm not a baby-growing hermit, maybe I'll blog more often!  Gibson's two year blog post is coming soon...and he's the cutest toddler in the entire world, so you need to be prepared to be blown away by adorable things.  Like when he calls Georgia "Sugar."  SO.  CUTE.

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