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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gibson is two!

Don't worry, I'm back!  It's only been, what...three months?  Oops.  Sorry about that.

But here's the thing.  Gibson has been VERY DEMANDING lately.  And his sister is EQUALLY DEMANDING.  I mean, really, you would think they could take care of themselves for awhile while I blog, right?  Jeez.

In addition to being needed by my children, I'm also the mommy of a two-year-old!  Let's talk about him, okay?  Because he is literally the most fantastic two-year-old I've ever met.

How about we just jump in with some lists?  You know how I love lists!

Things he says:

-It's okay, Georgie!  Don't be crying!
-Nice a meet you! (while shaking our hands)
-Hi, I'm Diffon (Gibson).  This is my mommy.  Say hi, mommy!
-Uh oh, I'm dropping things!
-IT MINE'S.  (Literally everything is his.  "It mine's mommy's phone!  It mine's couch!  It mine's Ellie's tail!")
-Wanna watch a moofie (movie) GWEASE (please)!

One of my favorite things is when Gibson sings, "You can take a turn, then I'll get it back!" when he wants to have a turn with something that doesn't belong to him.  He will never give anyone else a turn with his things, but if he wants to use my phone it's very important that I give him a turn.  Because Daniel Tiger said so.  Such a turd.

Random things Gibson knows:
-Most of the shapes, including semi-circle, diamond, trapezoid, and octagon
-The letters and what sound they make
-Numbers through 20
-The parts of an airplane (wings, wheels, engines, pilot)
-Some of the planets: Venus, Mars, Earth, and Saturn
-All about mail.  He knows about the envelope, stamp, address, and that it all goes in a mailbox where the mail truck comes to pick it up
-How to calm Georgia down.  "Uh oh, baby sad!  Need a diaper.  Need a bottle.  Need a bat-eh-sire (pacifier). WAH WAH!"

Gibson's new skills:
-Laying down when I need to change his diaper instead of running around the dining room table while screaming.
-Holding our hand while we walk into a store.  "I hold daddy hand!  I hold a hand!"
-How to follow directions.  He retrieves MANY things for me...diapers, pacifiers, remote controls, my phone, my water bottle...
-How to navigate our phones and iPads.  His favorite is the white noise app on Danny's phone, which has a fire sound.  "Mommy, see a sire (fire)?  It hot!  See?  See a sire?  Hot sire!  WHERE SIRE GO?  Oh, there is!"
-How to talk on the phone.  He talks to Scout on his toy cell phone.  Their conversations go: "Hello? Who is? Oh hi Scout! Where are you? Ok, I be right back."
-Eating with utensils when he wants to, which is never.
-Cleaning up his messes.  "Uh oh, I make a mess!  I need a paper towel GWEASE."

Things Gibson loves:
-Pulling Ellie's tail and ears.  We're working on it.
-The "hug game."  I sit on his letter mat and he runs at me and I hug him.  It's my favorite!
-Singing.  He especially likes Daniel Tiger songs and "Let it Go."
-Screaming really, really loudly.
-Airplanes.  If he misplaces a toy airplane, he will turn other objects into one...fingernail clippers, Ellie's toys, his hand.  He can make a plane out of ANYTHING.
-Frogs...especially green ones
-Binoculars (noc-lars, in Gibson language)
-Going outside
-Going to the store ("I go a supermarket!")
-Fixing things ("Uh oh, it brokened! I six it!")

Gibson is still the pickiest eater known to man, although he has been trying new things every once in awhile!  It gives me hope.  He's really just a stubborn little guy, and likes to have control.

...I wonder where he got that?

Sleep is pretty great.  He goes to bed at 8ish, wakes up at 6:30, and then naps for two or three hours in the afternoon.  And he generally runs to his room when we ask him to, or sometimes he even initiates nap/bed time.  We tuck him in, making sure to always put his white pillow on top of him (because he's weird), give him a kiss, and leave.  And he sleeps.  It's wonderful.

So far, two has been super fun and also really hard.  Gibson is more defiant and stubborn these days, but he's also more affectionate.  He's independent, but at the same time wants us to help him with everything.  I'm excited to see how the rest of the year goes!

And as a gift for not being around at all recently, here are some photos of both of my gorgeous children!  

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