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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Big Yucky

Gibson and I had an eventful morning.  I'll tell you all about it!


This is a poop story.


I was about to get Georgia up, and Gibson said, "Mommy, I pooped!"  So, like a good mom who values her sense of smell, I changed his diaper.  As far as poop goes, it was a pretty easy diaper.  Not very smushy, which is always good.

I went to get Georgie, and on my way I asked Gibson to throw his diaper away, because that's his job.

I came back, and the diaper was still on the floor.  So I asked him to throw it away again.  He said, "Okay, mommy!"  And bounced off toward the pantry with his diaper.

Gibson came back in the living room and said, "I threw the diaper away!  What's on my finger?"

So I looked at his finger, and there was a little speck on it that I assumed had come from the trash can.  Because sometimes he likes to go through the trash when he throws diapers away.

*Side story: Yesterday, Gibson found a maternity compression stocking box in my bedroom and played with it for awhile.  Weirdo.  It was his "box and ticket" (the ticket was the paper inside the box).  At nap time, I threw them away.  The next time he threw a diaper away, he found the box and ticket and took them out and glared at me like I had thrown away his favorite toy.  /end side story

He wiped the speck off his finger, and I thought nothing of it.

Then he disappeared into the kitchen again, and came running back yelling, "MOMMY, WHAT IS IT!  IT'S A BIG YUCKY!  THERE'S A BIG YUCKY!  MOMMY, IT'S A BIG YUCKY ON A FLOOR!"

So I went with him to the kitchen to find the big yucky.  He led me to the pantry where, you guessed it, there was a hunk of poop on the floor.

I finished feeding Georgie while Gibson continued telling me about the big yucky on the floor.  "It's a big yucky!  Don't touch it, Diffon!  It's yucky!  My hands are yucky!  I touched a big yucky!"

...it was at that moment that I realized he had poop on his hands.  Awesome.

I picked up the big yucky, threw it in the toilet, and tried to wash Gibson's hands.  Usually I use a foam wash that doesn't need to be rinsed when I wash his hands, because that's way easier than hovering him over the sink while he splashes in the water.  But I figured that wouldn't work for the poop, so we did a traditional hand washing.  Which involved a lot of soap on his shirt.  And mine.  And the counter.  And then water got everywhere.

But don't worry, Gibson was DELIGHTED to be washing the big yucky off his hands!

...the end.

I'm sorry for all the poop talk.  But YOU'RE WELCOME for the lack of pictures!

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