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Thursday, December 17, 2015


...it's me.

Like not blogging for two months.  Oops.

Also, are you tired of Adele yet?  Yes?

THEN YOU'RE A MONSTER.  Adele is a treasure.

Okay, the end.  HI!  I'm back!  I kept thinking, "OH!  I should blog today!"  And then my children would scream, and I would think, "NOPE GONNA CRY INSTEAD."

...but for real.  The past few weeks have been BAD.  Because, between my two gorgeous children, we have three nasty ear infections and at least one tooth coming.  So my life has been spent listening to shrieking, trying (in vain) to get tiny humans to sleep, and shoveling medication into little mouths.

But let's talk about the past two months, okay?

Gibson had oral surgery to remove his little fused teeth.  There was a teensy crack between them, and they became abscessed.  Poor dude.  But now he looks like a first grader, which is adorable!  And also sad, because he's only 33 months old.  ;)

He also decided to be potty trained!  It was amazing...he was just ready one day.  We are now 100% diaper-free, even at night.  The problem is that when he has to go potty during the night, he's an ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE TERROR.  Not joking.  It involves a lot of shrieking (from him, not us), pleading (from us, not him), and silent weeping (that would be me).  And then he lays in bed awake for at least an hour...although the other night he was up for ALMOST THREE HOURS.  And then got up at his normal time.

Uggghhhhhh.  He's so incredibly overtired.

Georgie is 9 months old!!  She's getting big, weighing in at 19 pounds 11 ounces, and she's still super tall at 28.75 inches.  So she's slightly taller than Gibson was at 9 months, but 2.5 pounds lighter.  He's such a meatball. <3

Georgia can army crawl, and has crawled on her hands and knees a tiny bit the past couple of days.  She's an AMAZING eater...nothing like Gibson was at this age, praise the Lord.  If you put food in front of Georgie, she shovels it down.  No matter what it is.  Even if it's a dog turd.  She would definitely eat it.

Speaking of eating everything, I now know what it's like to have a child who puts literally every single thing in her mouth.  When he was tiny, Gibson would find a coin on the floor and hand it to me.  Georgie finds it and puts it in her mouth like a ninja.  It's exhausting.  I can vacuum five times a day, and she still finds invisible sticks to chew on.

I started an Etsy shop for digital chalkboard art!  It's pretty fun...I really love making them!

Danny only has 1.5 days left until Christmas break!  YAHOO!  I'm so excited.  I'm not sure whether I've ever been so excited for him to have a break...these kids have been crazy lately!

Gibson has been ridiculously adorable (in between tantrums, of course) lately!  I'll have to make a post about things he's been saying.  He's just like a tiny adult!  Ugh.  Time is moving quite quickly.  Some recent gems include:
-Singing Daniel Tiger songs in Ellie's "voice"
-This morning, Georgie was crying and he said, "Georgie, SHHH!  Use a gentle voice!  Use your words!  You have to ask me, not scream."
-I told him he could flush the toilet, and he said, "Okie dokie mommy!"
-One day I called him "babe," and he said, "I not babe, I'm Giffon!  Daddy is babe!"

So now you're mostly caught up on my life!  I think.  I probably forgot something super big and important, but you'll get over it.

Now, since you read all of that (you did, didn't you?), here are some photos of some beautiful people!

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