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Friday, April 14, 2017

Partners in Crime

Gibson and Georgie have had a bit of a rocky start to their relationship.

Up until recently, there was a lot of avoidance (on Gibson's part), teasing (that would be Georgie), and yelling/hitting/sitting on top of/hair pulling (Gibson ugh).  And lots of me trying to keep them separate to minimize the damage to poor angel baby Georgie's hair and ribs.

But now, Georgie can hold her own a little better, and they're becoming fast friends!  I mean, it's kind of a tumultuous friendship, but it's been so wonderful to watch!

They spend time hanging out in Gibson's bedroom, like the same shows (we're obsessed with Paw Patrol, of course), and make each other belly laugh all the time.  Usually by saying the word "diaper" as loudly as they can, which is pretty perplexing, but apparently they like it.

But along with this new friendship comes TROUBLE, my friends.  RIGHT HERE IN RIVER CITY.

Because the only thing my kids love more than yelling "DIAPER!" in public places is getting into mischief together.  Let me set the scene:


*It is dinner time.  We are sitting at the table.  The children have food.  This has been the routine every day for their entire lives, yet somehow sitting and eating is a BRAND NEW concept for them.*

Me: Okay, guys, it's time to sit and eat!

Gibson: *stands up on his chair*

Me: Gibson, sit down.

Georgia: *giggling; stands up on her chair*

Me: Georgie, sit down.

Gibson: *stands up on his chair* COME ON GEORGIE, STAND UP! HAHAHAHA!

Georgia: *stands up on her chair* HIIIIIII BUBBA!  I STANDING! HAHAHAHAHA!


Both kids: *dissolve in giggles, sit down, eat a bite*

Gibson: *starts to stand up, but still kind of sitting so I obviously won't notice* Look Georgie!

Georgia: HAHAHA BUBBAAAAAAA! *stands up because she's impressionable and Gibson is her hero*



Both kids: *sit down giggling, slightly scared of the look on my face.  It will happen again tomorrow. And probably every day for the rest of my life.*


Let's look at another example, in which Georgie is the instigator:

*I am in the bathroom doing...um, bathroom things, and have mistakenly left our bedroom door open.  Much to Danny's dismay, our bedroom is a pit where clothes and dirty socks go to die.  I'm not sure what color our carpet is at the moment.  Maybe I'll clean it today, but probably I won't.  Sorry, Danny.*

Me: Lalala, the kids are watching Paw Patrol and I'm in the bathroom all by myself and I love being all by myself.

Georgia: *comes to bathroom* Mommy, what dooooing?

Me: Toilet things.  Go away.

Georgia: BYE! *stomps into her room, grabs five hundred blankets, stomps back out. Sees the open door at the end of the hall, imagines all the things she can destroy in there.*

Me: *Know exactly what is about to happen, but am powerless to do anything about it* GEORGIA NOOOOOOO!

Georgia: *yelling at the top of her lungs* COME ON BUBBA!  COME OOOOOOOOONNNNNN!


Both kids: *run as fast as they can down the hallway and crash into my bedroom to commence destruction*




Gibson: BUT WE ARE PLAYING AND JUMPING ON YOUR BED AND IT'S FUN! *gets in the closet and starts pulling Danny's ties out*

Georgia: *finds my wedding rings and tosses them somewhere*

I no longer only have one toddler trying to destroy the world.  And, it turns out, the second is so much more destructive than the first.  Her goal is to figure out how many things she can break/color on/throw before I get to her.  It.  Is.  Exhausting.

...but at least they're doing it together!  It really has been fun to watch their relationship develop, even if it means more work for me.  Maybe someday they'll learn to have fun WITHOUT destroying the house!  Maybe?  Please?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

God bless preschool.

Oh hey, blog and readers (if you're still there, which you might not be, which would be okay because I've been gone for approximately five years)!  

How are you?  Do you remember me?  I'm Erin.  The writer of this blog.  I have brown hair, look super tired, pale skin.  REMEMBER?

I've missed you!  Let's do a super duper quick update on life:

-We moved!  This involved Danny going on interviews, selling our house, moving in with Danny's parents, buying a new house, renovating the new house, and moving into the new house.  It was a lot.  We were very busy.  Still are.  But less so.  Also we live in the neighborhood Danny grew up in, and our kids will go to the elementary school he attended!  

-Georgia is almost 2, Gibson is almost 4!  They're big and I hate it because they used to be tiny.

-I don't actually hate that they're big all the time, because tiny means screaming babies.  Big means they can throw dirty clothes in the laundry chute and toss diapers in the trash can and talk to me and make "potty messes" on the toilet.

-Just kidding, I don't love potty messes.

-Gibson started preschool last week!  He goes twice a week for three hours.

That last point brings me to the reason I'm here today:




And she has no one to fight with, so it's QUIET and I am currently ALONE because she is in ROOM TIME and I'm listening to MUSIC. 

(Room time is when I banish my children to their rooms for an hour in the morning because they need to learn to play without mommy entertaining them.  Also mommy can do things like clean and poop with no children watching her. #momoftheyear)

Two years ago, Gibson was the exact age that Georgie is now.  And I was great with child and very uncomfortable.  And I didn't realize how wonderfully QUIET it was with only one child on the outside of my uterus.  

Now I appreciate quiet so much more.  Even though Georgie is an incredibly loud little thing, it's nothing compared to Georgie+Gibson+one million toys that each child thinks belong solely to them and should never be touched by their sibling.  Georgie on her own is practically silent, in comparison.  

...of course, I miss Gibson.  But he LOVES school, and it's only three hours.  And he gets to make art and be the napkin helper at snack time.  And it's QUIET IN MY HOUSE.  God bless preschool.