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I like big butts

If you're on this page, I assume that you want more information about cloth diapers, and not about Sir Mix-A-Lot.  Here are links to my series on cloth diapers!

#1: I like big butts. I cannot tell a lie.
The answers to questions that I have been asked about using cloth diapers.

#2: Part dos
Explanations of the different types of cloth diapers.

#3: Insert Edition
Information about the different types of inserts you can use with your diapers.

#4: You're putting that poop WHERE?
Everyone's favorite part: washing the diapers.  Yay!

#5: Whatcha gonna do with all that fluff?
Prepping and storing your new cloth diapers.

Information about what to do in special situations.

#7: Carrying your fluff
My favorite diaper bag!

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